December 15, 2010

All Partied Out

The party yesterday was a great success.  Yay!  We love a good party here on The Farm.

I managed to resurrect the cupcakes so they looked like this.

Resurrected Cupcakes

I used my best Nanna china.

I got some baby bocconcini, grape tomatoes and fresh basil and made some mini Caprese salads on cocktail sticks.  They were yummy, healthy and looked very Christmassy.

Mini Salads

Farmgirl channeled Sarah Jessica Parker and rocked this somewhat eclectic party look.

And halfway through my kitchen looked like this.

Farmhouse Kitchen In Party Mode

Overall a wonderful time was had by all.

Friends are very important when you are a farmer's wife.  Their support is invaluable.  I love it when we all get together.  And have a champagne or two.


Emma said...

The cupcakes look divine! So glad you had a lovely time and I absolutely agree about friendship and I don't even live in a remote area!

kate of here we are together said...

Wow, those cupcakes!
& the eclectic party style, well, that is fantastic!! :D

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Emma - I adore my friends.

Kate - It was a pretty exciting day all round.

Katie said...

Your blog makes me miss the farm life I grew up with! Well done with the party, it all looks gorgeous, especially your farmgirl's choice of outfit :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Katie - I am glad you are enjoying the blog.