December 4, 2010

Santa Does Exist Farmboy, He Does!

Regular readers of this blog will know how excited I am about this Christmas. The main source of this excitement has been The Farmchildren and the magic of their anticipation and strong belief in Santa.

Santa Will Definitely Fill One of These

A major spanner was thrown in the works yesterday evening.  We were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner.  Farmboy looked at me with sad blue eyes and said

"Someone at school told me that Santa isn't real and it is just your Mum and Dad who buy the presents"

Farmboy is not yet six.  I quashed my immediate reaction, which was to throttle the child who burst Farmboy's bubble, on the basis of the fact that

  1. Said child is only five and I can't throttle other peoples children.
  2. It is technically true (but only technically).
  3. Said child had probably been told the same fact by a horrible big kid and was just sharing the devastation.

I very quickly moved on to reassuring Farmboy that this was a big lie and of course Santa exists.  Fortunately Farmgirl's belief is so unquestionable that she helped me in this reassurance as opposed to asking awkward questions.

Farmboy is very sensitive and quite smart so I came up with the following examples of very scientific, empirical evidence in favour of Santa's existence.

1. People have proven photographic proof of Santa.  This is a lot more than can be said about things like the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs and lots of people still believe in those.

2.  Lots of songs have been written about Santa.  These have been sung by very well known and famous people like Elvis, Bing Crosby and The Wiggles.  People of this calibre would not have put their reputations on the line by singing about a fake Santa.

3.  Who else would fill the stockings?  It is a well known fact that Mummy is very tired and may even have had a few champagnes by Christmas Eve which means that she would surely forget.  Like she forgets things like library day at school.  And swimming lesson day.  And lunch order day.

4.  People have written beautiful stories about Santa - "The Night Before Christmas" is all about Santa and it is one of Mummy's favorite stories.  Mummy is very smart and pretty and would not like stories about pretend people.

5. We all have beautiful, magical imaginations and so Santa exists.  Grown ups like Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa, Nanny, Boppy and numerous Uncles and Aunts all have such imaginations and all believe in Santa.

6.  If you don't believe in Santa he doesn't come.

Fotunately Farmboy was more than happy with the above facts and was well reassured about Santa's existence.  Crisis averted.

It did make me realise though that my beautiful babies are growing up.  And I am not always going to be able to protect them from the unpalatable truths about life.  There are always going to be things that will happen to them that I can't fix.  The best I will be able to do is comfort and love.  Hopefully it will be enough.


Girl on Raw said...

Aw this post is just too cute for words. I remember the devastation I felt when I found out too. And I love your scientific responses. I think I am going to have to bookmark this one for a few years down the track when I will be answering the same questions :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Girl on Raw. The scientific responses seem to have done the trick. For now...!

Make Do Style said...

Awh poor thing! They all find out but you don't want anyone else doing it. I worked it out but I loved the magic of Christmas as a child but loathed the Santa's in stores and on streets.

I still love Christmas. Do you need me to send you some snow!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you Make Do Style for your kind comment and offer of snow. While snow would be gorgeous (transient but gorgeous) I may pass. I have done a lot of internet shopping recently. Hence enough parcels of a range of odd shapes and sizes have arrive at the local post office to make the ladies there think I am completely mad. Snow may be the last straw I think.

Take care. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with Mr MDS and the petit garcon.

This Mid 30s Life said...

I felt your pain reading that. I was the last in my class to find out, and I remember it well. That night my family and I were all in tears as it was the end of an era.

Needless to say, Santa is going to be big in this house.

A Farmer's Wife said...

I think I was honestly more upset than he was. We are back on track though which is great. Or at least he has let himself believe again! I think point number 6 was what got him back on board.

Hope you are surviving the snow!

allison tait said...

LOve it! You did so well. I'm taking notes.