January 28, 2011

Country Style For February

I have always loved houses with verandahs.  Something about them looks particularly gracious and welcoming.  So I was impressed when I picked up this month's Country Style. It comes complete with a stylish verandah on the cover.  This appeals to me particularly, as on the stylish veranda there is a gorgeous cane armchair with Nanna flowers and Nanna cushions.

A Very Lovely Place To Sit

Unfortunately sitting on such a chair on the The Farmhouse verandah in February would not be a stylish option. There would be so many flies they may well carry away the flowers and the cushion.  It would also be super hot, even under a shady verandah.  Oh well, I will keep dreaming.  As always my authentic Australian Country Style lifestyle does not live up to magazine standard....

With the mid week public holiday, things have been pretty busy at the beach.  All the houses in our little street have been full.   On Tuesday night the house next door was full of young guys in their late teens.  As you would expect they got quite rowdy.  I did get the giggles at one point when we overheard a word by word argument between one guy and his (potentially ex) girlfriend about whether he had or hadn't "hooked up" with someone else on New Year's Eve. (Surely it is not eavesdropping when people are shouting about 10 metres away from your bedroom window?!?).  Just when things were getting interesting she stormed off.  I keep wanting to wander next door and ask how the fight ended.  Neighbours take some getting used to when you usually live in the middle of a paddock...

I have been mulling over topics for potential blog posts.  I always have lots of ideas, but was thinking I may ask all of you out there if there is anything in particular about being on a farm you would like to know. Let me know any ideas you have...  And once again, thank you for reading.  I am still continually amazed by the amount of support my blog gets!


Jane said...

Oh, I have heaps of ideas, AFW!

Imagine you're a city-slicker, like me. Imagine my moving to the country. What I'd be looking for is:

* Where can I buy my groceries? How often? What kind of goods are available? Just the basics or can I get gourmet stuff as well? Where do I store it? Do I need to buy meat in bulk and freeze it? Or does it come from my property?

* Where can I buy clothes and presents? Are there any good shops nearby or do I have to buy online? How far away is the nearest post office? How often does my mail arrive?

Get my drift? I felt like an alien just writing those questions ☺. They're all second nature to you but I would have no idea.

Looking forward to reading about it!

J x

ANB said...

Write about chickens! I just love chickens. I suspect I would not if I was the one who had to deal with chicken poo, feathers, foxes ... feel free to disillusion me!

Sydney Shop Girl said...


I love Jane's ideas! And second them all.

Another interest of mine are the youngsters. Not the fact that they make me feel old (they mostly don't) but the crazy things they say and do always make an interesting starting point for a post.

My little brother is coming to stay this weekend. Mr SSG calls it 'welcoming the teenager home'.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Bungalowgirl said...

Just stumbled across your wonderful blog and realized we both seem to have a significant appreciation of trees, boys into lego and wordy writing styles. Thought you might like to pop over and meet my house Betsy at bungalowbliss.blogspot.com. I'm quite new to this whole blog thing so hope this is correct visitor etiquette! Oh and tell ANB my chickens are keen for visitors too. Mel.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I can definitely do some posts about shopping and chooks so watch this space...

SSG - I have stacks more stories about The Farmchildren, I will bring some out just for you so you get a little laugh.

Timberandtin said...

Oh I love Country Style!! I just picked up a set a bit like that chair from Vinnies for $40, 2 x arm chairs and a couch, for our new.... Verandah! Yep summer we will have the flies too.
Love your blog, found it from Bungalowgirl

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I agree , I saw what your wrote too in your about me & the photoshop of flies LOL.
I still want a shady verandah, Nanna cushions & flowers one day when we build our farm house at the farm.
I want to know more about being housewifey on the farm ...it's in my very near future. & Farm children how to wrangle them safely.