January 27, 2011

Soap From SSG, Some Blog Recognition, Introducing The Hunter Gatherers

We have had a great few days. On Tuesday The Farmer picked up the mail whilst he was back at The Farm for some meetings (we are still doing lots of admin, even on holiday).  He came back with a parcel. For me.  Yay!  I love a good parcel (particularly one I didn't purchase for myself on the internet...)  The lovely Sydney Shop Girl had sent me a special prize I won in her giveaway.

The most exciting thing about this parcel was its smell. It  smelt gorgeous and Nanna-like before I even opened it.  Regular readers of this blog will know about my strong inner-Nanna.  Hence a parcel that smelt of scented soap was always going to be a hit.  Even The Farmer liked it, his ute now smells lovely after driving with the parcel in the cab, just like a Nanna's bathroom only without the crocheted loo roll covers...

When I opened the parcel it was even more exciting.  SSG had also sent me some extra gifts for The Farmchildren.  Thanks SSG, they were super excited.  Keep an eye on your mail box, something from The Farm will come through post holiday, I promise.

Gorgeous Special Nanna Soap, Perfect For Knicker Drawers

In other happy news I was quickly checking my blog comments on Tuesday night when I saw that the lovely Allison at Life In A Pink Fibro had mentioned me in her Australia Day Honours Blog list.  I was completely thrilled by this, as I have loads of respect for Allison.  Her blog is fantastic and she writes beautifully.  It made my day, Allison, thank you.

We also had some really good friends arrive on Tuesday evening to spend Australia Day with us.  They have given me permission to include them in my blog and we spent some interesting time coming up with suitable identities...  He is an excellent SCUBA diver and catches lots of crayfish and stuff, so I have decided on Hunter Gatherer, Mrs Hunter Gatherer and HG Boy.

Anyway Hunter Gatherer, HG Boy and The Farmer went diving on Australia Day morning and came back with some of these.

Fresh Crayfish

Hunter Gatherer and Mrs Hunter Gatherer used them to make the best seafood pizza ever.  I should have taken a photo but forgot (I was celebrating Australia Day with a couple of glasses of Tasmanian bubbly and this always plays havoc with my photo taking).  The Hunter Gatherers are brilliant cooks and are responsible for my best seafood recipes.  Hunter Gatherer was the one who put me onto the cray marinade in my last crustacean related blog post...

All in all we have had a fantastic few days.  Our holiday is drawing to its end but I am feeling ready to get back to The Farm and get stuck into what is going to be a huge year.


Amanda said...

What a lovely package to receive - I can smell it from here :) Your Australia Day sounded lovely (and delicious!)

Jane said...

Congrats on Allison's award, my friend. So well deserved. And Crabtree & Evelyn get me every time. J x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

So glad everything arrived safely, AFW!

Congrats on the recognition. Well deserved!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

LPC said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award.

Emma said...

Wonderful and well deserved recognition, congratulations! Love those crayfish and would love you to share the seafood pizza recipe... please! xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. I will try and post the seafood pizza recipe one day soon.