January 6, 2011

Farmboy's Birthday, An Attractive Shade of Green

This coming Monday is Farmboy's birthday.  He will turn six.  I am sitting here wondering what happened to the last six years.  My beautiful baby is now a fully fledged boy.  He can ride a bike with no trainer wheels, catch the school bus and come extremely close to beating me in a game of Draughts/Checkers... Watching him grow into such an adorable kid has been magical.  However I am now faced with his requests for a birthday party...

Last year he had a large "Pirate Party" in the front garden of The Beach House.  It was a great day with what was intended to be a lunch time soiree extending well into the evening with some very merry grown ups by the end... This year we have decided to go low key (having made a decision to only have a proper party every second year) and have some friends around for an ice cream cake and late afternoon drinks.  We are heading to The Beach House again tomorrow so once again that will be the location.  I have decided that the ice cream cake will come straight from IGA as I think I can only face that Women's Weekly Cake Book every second year as well.

Last year I was a complete uber Mum and produced this.

Pirate Cake
I was super proud of my efforts but a bit upset with the colour.  Cake decorating supplies are pretty basic in a country supermarket so I could not find brown food colouring.  I debated going for a Gaudiesque multi coloured extravaganza as primary colours were definitely on offer.  Then I remembered something.  All parents know from years of experience with play dough and paint sets that if you mix all the primary colours together you get a fetching shade of khaki.  Just like this.

Farmgirl's Playdough (With Glitter)
Analogies to dog poo are completely acceptable at this point.

And so I created a lovely muted khaki pirate ship.  Actually I was very fashion forward in my thinking as the military look is now well and truly in.

Anyway I am definitely looking forward to the low key "party" on Monday afternoon.  A couple of friends, a cake and some candles will be enough for Farmboy to have a wonderful day.  And will be much more relaxing for his Mum.


Fiona said...

Indeed, that Women's Weekly Cake Book has a lot to answer for! My children all swoon over it for weeks leading up to their birthdays!
I made an ice-cream echidna out of it for Wallace's third birthday (a very hot December birthday), only to have the power go off the evening before, and stay off for some 19 hours. Amidst threats of torture, we managed to keep the upright freezer door closed until cake-time, only to find it quite melted and more resembling roadkill by the time we came to enjoy it.
Fun memories!
Happy birthday to your big 6 year old!

LPC said...

That cake was astonishing.

G said...

Congratulations on that cake... a country show award winner for sure. I have purposely avoided the WW cake book, it's best not to tell the Ones that it even exists. Their choices are round or square! Happy 6th B'day Farmboy... enjoy the beach! G

Kate said...

Wow - very impressive. However you've set yourself up for a lifetime of bettering a masterpiece. Bummer. (Do I sound just a teeny tiny bit jealous?)

Donna said...

I think I've made every cake in the WW Cake Book!! My now 22, 16 and 14 yo's still request them so you've got a long way to go yet!! Happy Birthday Farmboy!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Fiona-Love the story of the road kill echidna.

LPC - Thank you. It was actually easier than it looked. Which is the opposite of my usual experience with kid's birthday cakes.

Georgie - The square or round concept has a lot of merit.

Kate - I am happy to peak early!

Donna - Thank you. Our book is already looking fairly well worn from the kids planning their cakes the next 3 years or so in advance!

Brasilian_Babe said...

Happy Birthday to Farmboy!!!

Your pirate cake from last year looks fantastic!!!

Semi Expat said...

Ice cream cake and low key sounds perfect especially as you excelled last year - fab pirate cake. Enjoy your beachy weekend...! x

A Farmer's Wife said...

Brasilian_Babe - Thank you - for the birthday wishes and the cake compliment!

Semi Expat - I am pretty excited about the weekend.