January 25, 2011

The Ikea Trap, A Pair of Owls

As already discussed, we had an Ikea expedition earlier in the week. We needed a table for The Beach House and a few other bits and pieces. Those Ikea people are super clever as I couldn't resist turning a table and a few bits and pieces into a couple of huge trolleys full.  Ikea have perfected the art of making me feel that I do need new placemats, ice cube making trays, coat hangers and colourful bendy drinks straws. And I fall for their cunning plan every single time... Fortunately I only go to Ikea once a year,  otherwise things could get ugly.

Anyway, as well as the dining table (which has already hosted a few fantastic meals with friends), I managed to persuade The Farmer we needed this.

New Ikea Side Board Thingy

And I was right.  We did need it.  Those board games desperately needed somewhere to live.

The problem with Ikea furniture is putting it together.  I think that before getting married, a couple should be locked in a room with a flat packed Ikea wardrobe, a cordless drill with a slightly flat battery and those wordless Ikea intructions.  If they come out in four hours still talking to each other and with something resembling a piece of furniture, they are good to go.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, Do Not Call Ikea

After quite a few years of marriage, The Farmer and I assemble Ikea furniture like pros.  This time Farmboy even helped, although we did have to confiscate the cordless drill.

On our, arguably not necessary, side board I have two of my favourite items.

My mother in law gave The Farmchildren these owl tea light holders.

Happy Owl

I love them because they are super cute and if I am feeling a bit cross, I just turn them around.

Cross, Fire Breathing Owl
Enjoy your day!


Amanda said...

Love your new sideboard and cute owls. I find Ikea a bit dangerous too :)

Fussy Eater's Mum said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I do love Ikea. I love that sideboard thingy - and totally agreed with you that you needed it. Nice work mrs farmer!!

ANB said...

Oh, Ikea, you dangerous, irrestible beast of a shop. We only live 15 minutes from it, but the hassle of driving there, fighting for a parking spot in the shade, and then dragging the baby around its enormousness are all good deterrents :)

G said...

Oh you make me laugh, AFW! gxo

Sarah said...

You are so right - it is an IKEA TRAP!! Very clever they are... Am hopeless at assembling the Ikea flatpack stuff - Mr SE not bad at all. He once did a WHOLE kitchen in UK !! Love your Owls - they are delightful.
from Semi-Expat x

Emma said...

You are a scream... the cranky, fire breathing owl is legendary.

Glow said...

Great to see you on Fibro's Aussie Day Blog Awards AFW!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Amanda, Caz and Fussy Eater's Mum - Glad you all like it. I love it.

ANB and Sarah/SemiExpat - Obviously you both understand the full Ikea experience. I love it, most of the time...

Georgie and Emma - Love it when people get a giggle from the blog.

Glowless - I was super excited and very surprised. Made my day.