January 24, 2011

Things I Wish I Could Do

I am joining in with Kate over at Kate Takes 5 again this week for her Listography link up.  Her topic for the week is 5 Things I Wish I Could Do.

I have given this a lot of thought... Or at least 10 minutes worth of thought over a cup of coffee.

Here is my list.

1. Make scones

Boring I know, but I fail the scone making test regularly.  It is made more frustrating by the fact that I can actually cook pretty much anything else.  I do something to scones that makes them flat and horrible.  I have changed recipes many times, tried different techniques and still failed.  I even mucked up the CWA's packet version.  Friendly Nannas have tried to teach me to no avail.  When it comes to scones, quite simply I suck.

Even The CWA Failed Me
* For my non Australian readers The CWA stands for The Country Women's Association.  They are the country-Nanna-uber-baking goddesses.  If they can't help, I am beyond redemption.

2.  Parallel Park Our Huge, Dusty, Bull Barred 4WD in The City

When I drive to Perth I really struggle to parallel/reverse park our vehicle.  How shameful.  It even has reversing cameras.  I would love to do it because I think it would be handy and very impressive.  I also wouldn't have to hike for miles to get to appointments in inner city suburbs.

3.  Fly A Helicopter

This would just be a super cool, very useful skill to have.  It would also make The Farmer incredibly jealous because he is dying to learn how to fly one.

I Could Do This Instead Of The Contracting Man

4.  Paint/Draw

I don't have the urge to be crafty at all, but I would love to have some serious painting/drawing talent.  Then I would be able to capture some of the gorgeous images I see around The Farm in a way that doesn't involve a Canon Ixus.

5.  Ride A Two Wheeler Motor Bike

I am not the most coordinated of people and lack balance.  The Farmer is too scared to let me ride a Two Wheel Motor Bike.  I am only allowed to ride a 4WD bike, very slowly.  He kind of has a point as I have had a few machinery issues which I won't go into now, but you could read about if you click here.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Great list!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Fiona said...

I wish I could play the guitar.
Helicopters terrify me, they seem to crash far too easily for my liking.

Unknown said...

Nice list. I'm quite tempted by the idea of motorbikes as well especially as my father in law rides. Sadly it's pointless with where we live now as there would be nowhere to securely store a bike.

Annette Piper said...

I used to have trouble with scones too - they were always too tough. After years I finally worked out I was trying too hard. Use a light touch when mixing, leave them ever so slightly on the too moist side when you're mixing adding just a dash of flour when you lay them out on a board - don't overknead - really just push it around with your fingers till the right thickness, cut them out and make sure you put them next to each other (touching) on the baking tray - it keeps the moisture in :)

Try, try again as they say !

Amanda said...

Have you tried lemonade scones (the recipe is on my blog) - they are super simple. My Nanna told me not to over-handle scones (that is just bring the ingredients together as little as possible with your hands - no kneading or rolling or anything. I avoid parallel parking where I can too :)

Sarah said...

I relate to the scone thing. Mine are always flat, although I am a good cook otherwise (if I say so myself). I've heard it's all in the oven, if that makes you feel better!

Kate said...

Parallel parking *shiver* Brings me out in a cold sweat every time! And yay - your linky worked perfectly you clever thing!

Pilbara Chick said...

I can't park our ute when i'm in the city either. My best effort is to get out 4 times to check my progress. This is made even more embarrassing by the fact that I can reverse a 200t haulpak with my eyes closed. Go figure!

Not A Ballerina said...

Totally relate to the parallel parking. No doubt you took your driving test in the same district as me where no parallel parking exists and, if your instructor had as much foresight as mine (ie very little) he told you not to bother learning how to do it. I have sent him many a psychic curse as I yet again park somewhere much further away from my destination as I should just because I can't parallel park ...

Kerry said...

I love that your list ranges from making scones to flying helicopters and riding motorbikes.You are like a cross between James Bond and Nigella (is she too British a reference?) - either way I'm impressed!

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - As always, thank you!

Fiona - I think if I got to learn to fly a helicopter I would chicken out completely! There seems to be nowhere to go if something goes wrong...

Kat - I must admit to having an inner revhead and would like to ride a motor bike. They aren't overly practical with a couple of kids though.

Annette and Amanda - Thank you for scone tips. I will keep trying but must admit to having tried all of your suggestions with little luck. I will not give up though!

Sarah - Have tried multiple ovens also. Think the problem is me!

Kate - I am excited my linky thing worked. Thank you.

Pilbara Chick - You are going to be someone's Mummy!!! Please, please, please open your eyes when you reverse that haul pak...!!! LOL Thanks so much for your comment gorgeous girl.

Not A Ballerina - The Farmer has tried to teach me. Apparently I am unteachable.

Kerry - Nigella is a household name in Australia too. I would quite like it if Daniel Craig popped by to give me motorbike riding lessons. Or even if Nigella popped in for some scone tips...

Inside the Wendy House said...

I can't parallel park at all. It is just an embarrassment to witness my feeble attempts...I blame it on my lack of spatial awareness. Just cannot work out which way to turn the steering wheel!!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of trying to make scones, can't drive never mind reverse/parallel park and would probably kill myself if I was let loose on a moterbike...

But yeah, I'm all for accurately painting helicopters....!!

Fab list!

Anonymous said...

Great list, and also all things I wish I could do. Except flying a helicopter. Those things just scare me!

QWERTY Mum said...

Love scones - and it doesn't really matter how bad they are as long as you smother them in jam and clotted cream!

carole said...

Oh yes I would love to be able to fly a helicopter, it would be so much fun


Anonymous said...

I can't parallel park my small Mitsubishi in an empty car park so don't worry about it! Great read x

This Mid 30s Life said...

Great list!

You don't need to know how to make scones, but you need to know someone who does. My uncle makes the best ever. Too bad he lives near Wagga.

Do you have the original CWA cookbook? B/c my step great-grandmother put it together! Her name is in it. So there... you have been touched by fame. Feels good too.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Wendy - Parallel parking is spectacularly hard if you have spatial awareness issues. Going backwards just complicates it more and more.

Carole - Driving a car is where I stop really... The helipcopter flying would be an unmitigated disaster. As would the painting thereof.

Jayne - Thank you.

Paula - I have long held the belief that cream will hide a multitude of sins.

Carole - Very scary fun but definitely fun. I have been in the helicopter that comes to The Farm sometimes and it was amazing.

waterbirthplease - I'm loving the fact that I am not the only person with these issues.

This Mid 30s Life - I do have the original. It has useful things in it like how to tan a hide and fill cracks in mud brick walls. You are famous by proxy now. (Other than your fame in the blogging world obviously...)
Loved your list too.

Rachel said...

What a fun list!

I think the trick with scones is to use about a gallon of double cream, and just as much butter.

Now if only I could only learn to parallel park a helicopter...

A Farmer's Wife said...

Manana Mama - Cream. Mmmm.