January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods

Living on a farm and having our livelihood depend on the weather has long made me realise that Mother Nature is always the boss.  Waking this morning to see the terrible footage of Toowoomba and surrounding districts being so horrifically flooded only reinforced that knowledge.

No matter what we plan, no matter how much knowledge we have, we are always at the mercy of the random forces of the natural world.

It is slightly surreal watching these images sitting on the other side of the country, surrounded by stark, dry as dust countryside.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by these floods.   Tomorrow I will go into our local Westpac Bank and make a donation to their flood appeal.  For the very simple reason that, much like the rest of Australia, I want to do something to help.  And that's all I can think of to do.


Tas said...

It is surreal, isn't it? Can't fathom it when the weather here in Adelaide is so mellow and mild. I've been thinking about the floods all day. It's just so sad.

Semi Expat said...

Great post - I so agree. My thoughts are with them. You are right though that is all we can do at the moment and I will be doing the same thing via my Westpac branch tomorrow. x

Make Do Style said...

Well said and yes such an awful thing to happen xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

It is just absolutely horrible. Like so many people I keep thinking about it... I have also been very impressed by how unflappable Anna Bligh has been. She must be exhausted.

Niki said...

Hi a new reader via Bush Belles. This horrible couple of days makes me re-evaluate all that I love. I am just so sad for our Queensland cousins. On a lighter note, I love your blog.
I am a West Aussie too. Yes, I am the biggest beach snob ever. I grew up on the beaches of Esperance, Albany & Denmark(where we still have an acre block) but currently reside rather reluctantly in the big smoke.


A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks so much Niki for taking the time to comment. The beaches you are referring to are the same ones I think are the best in the world!