January 13, 2011

The Top 5 Places I have Visited, aka Listography

Once again I have decided to take part in "Listography" over at Kate Takes 5.  This week I am supposed to make a list of the top 5 places I have visited.

Just a quick warning, this post is pretty light on in the photo department.  Not because I didn't take lots of photos but simply because most of my travelling was done pre-kids.  Which means pre-digital photos so this leaves me imageless...

So here they are, in no particular order, some of my favourite places.

1. Venice

I adored Venice.  I have been fortunate enough to go twice, although it was winter both times.  Apparently this improves the experiences because there is no horrible rotting smell.  I just loved it. The Farmer and I arrived on a foggy night and wandered out into the deserted streets to find it looking like a movie set.  Admittedly a movie set for Dracula or the like.  We made it to our pensione which was in a converted barracks, without getting our blood sucked.  And then had one of the best meals of our life at a nearby cafe which managed to be touristless and had no menu, just a special of the day.

2.  Buenos Aires

I found all of Argentina to be absolutely amazing.  Buenos Aires in particular got me because it looked so European but you knew, without question, the whole time that you were definitely not in Europe!  Plus the antique shopping was astounding.  We went to whole shops devoted to just chandeliers, or my favourite, just stone angels and gargoyles.

Buenos Aires
3. Ireland

I have put all of Ireland in this category because it was a fantastic experience all around.  Even if it was winter and it rained.  Constantly.  I was 22 and travelling with a couple of girl friends.  I studied in Dublin for a little while and spent the rest of the time being rolled (OK carried at times) out of pubs, full of Guinness.  In between drinking and studying I did see a lot of the country too and loved the people and places.

4.  New York

Some days I think God meant me to live in New York. Which is odd seeing as I wound up on an Australian wheat and sheep farm.  I was only there for a weekend.  The Farmer and I had left our kids with my parents in Australia (bad Mummy, I know...!) and were travelling and did a weekend stopover with his brother and wife (who live there).  It was  -11 degrees celsius and just two days after the emergency landing of the plane into The Hudson.  I can vividly remember there being 10cm thick ice on the sides of the river and thinking how cold it must have been for the passengers who had to get in the water.

The weather did not deter us.  I just rugged up in a "sleeping bag with arms" type arrangement I had borrowed from my sister-in-law and got on with it.  I loved every aspect of New York.

Snow In Central Park( -11 Degrees And Crazy Person Still Jogging)
5. Queensland

The Farmer and I spent our honeymoon in Ports Douglas and I loved it.  As a teenager my own family flew into Cairns, hired a car, and spent a month driving down to Brisbane.  Queensland is an absolutely stunning place.  I have thought often over the years that if I wasn't in WA, it is where I would choose to live.  So people, after the floods are cleaned up, I suggest you book a trip!  And spend lots of lovely money to help them get going again (which won't take long knowing Queenslanders...)


Marian said...

I love Venice too, I've been 4 times now. Buenos Aries looks great and the thought of all these antiques shops has got me intrigued. Our thoughts are with the people of Queensland and I'd love to visit there too. Thanks for the post - great list.

LPC said...

Great travel list.

Kate said...

Wow would love to go to Argentina - sounds fabulous.
I spent a month in NY working and can't say I liked it too much - but that's only because I was on my own and working - I plan to go back one day with a suitcase full of money and do it properly.
I'm always surprised when Ireland makes a list like this. I mean I love where I live in Co. Wicklow but I think the whole magical friendly Ireland is the best tourism myth ever! (But I'm glad you loved it!).
Fab list - thanks for joining up again. x

Kate said...

Oh and meant to say I deleted and re-entered your place on the list because it was linked into your old post.

Not A Ballerina said...

Have to agree with you 100% about New York! It is just the ultimate city, isn't it? We were there for a few days during our honeymoon but definitely have ideas of going back - I'd love to spend a few months there, really getting to know it.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful list, such great places (and gives me some ideas for when the kiddies let me up sticks and travel again!). My other half and I had an eerily similar experience in Venice. Such a magical place, it really is.

JoJo said...

I love New York! It's amazing! I've been twice. I am obsessed with SATC though!



Anonymous said...

oooh I think I want to visit Argentina. I also loved New York - it was like being in a film, so familiar, but so strange. Fab list

A Farmer's Wife said...

Marian - Venice is quite special I think. Majestic in its decay.

LPC - Thank you.

Kate - I did adore Ireland, it was quite a while ago though. Thanks for fixing my link. I am hopeless at the technical side of blogging.

Not A Ballerina - Love NYC so much.

Manana Mama - Thanks for visiting and your comment. I am glad we aren't the only ones with eerie Venetian experiences.

JoJo - Thanks for your comment. Would you believe I have never seen SATC!!

helloitsgemma - Argentina is truly amamzing.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

That's quite the exotic list for a Farmer's Wifey. Fantastic places each and every one. Haven't been to BA - yet - but the others I loved.

Michelloui said...

I would love love LOVE to visit Venice, but for some reason it's low on hubby's list. Grrrr. Perhaps it will be a girly holiday sometime!

Good list! And Im enjoying your blog. Im a new follower. :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Michelloui - Thanks for following. Venice is pretty amazing and I hope you get there one day.

Pink Fibro - I still have lots of places I would love to go to. BA is so worth checking out.

This Mid 30s Life said...

A wonderful list! I'm the same, most of my travelling was before digital cameras too.

Growing up, all our family holidays were in Qld - the Gold Coast before it got built up, and Hayman Island before it got $$! Beautiful places. Love it there.