February 5, 2011

The Dreaded School Lunch Box aka Farmgirl Gets Hands On

I tried hard to channel Nigella this week and did some baking for Farmboy's school lunches.  Filling lunch boxes seems to make me slightly neurotic.  I get performance anxiety about making Farmboy's lunch healthy and unprocessed enough to get past the lunch box police. So many foods are banned and I am constantly worried I will accidentally have a brain freeze and put in chocolate biscuits or something...  I would then be forever branded as the mother that put junk food in her son's lunch box.

Farmgirl helped me with the baking this week.  Baking is something we often do together.  I have used her expertise to help illustrate recipes before (click here if you want to see her polished technique).  She particularly loves helping me ice things.  Sometimes she gets a bit carried away though.

Farmgirl Hands

I think this may be getting a bit too hands on...

Am I the only Mum who hates packing lunches??   Any tips on healthy lunch box snacks would also be very welcome!


Amy said...

you are certainly not alone here!
I loathe the job. It's hard enough just deciding on what to make for tea let alone parcel up lots of interesting bits and pieces that I hope they'll eat.
Suggestion - leftovers! Whatever you make the night before - make plenty of and parcel up as you do your cleaning up that night.

Timberandtin said...

Ok bad admission - I kinda love it :) I really do enjoy planning and packing yummy healthy lunches. But my eldest is also a dream-eater and is happy to take half an avo, cucumber, and cherry tomoatos. Big favourite here is popcorn, and mixed dried fruit to make a trail mix. Also we usually freeze some fruit pikelets (make a triple batch), and mini muffins then it is super easy to put it all together.
I love this site www.anotherlunch.com
(a bit crazy) inspirational. Have a great week.

Emma said...

Sorry, can't help you... I spent ages searching for a school that offered a hot lunch! xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Amy - I must admit I do the leftover thing sometimes but worry in the heat they might get yukky (Farmboy's bag sits outside with his lunch in it) I do pack an ice brick but it has been 40 degrees plus here so I am a bit careful.. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

Timberandtin - Will check that site out when I get a chance. Thank you.

Emma - I like the way your mind works. xx

Farmers Wifey said...

When you perfect the great aussie lunchbox please let me know because I struggle with three every day...they all have different tastes lol

Anonymous said...

I recommend checking out www.laptoplunches.com. They have lunch menus for all seasons and you can even sign up to receive them on a weekly basis through their blog or RSS feed. It works out great for my family!