February 2, 2011

Farmboy Hits Year 1. In The Path Of A Storm.

Farmboy had his first ever day of Year 1 today.  He was very excited until we were half way into town when he suddenly said.

"I feel a bit scared.  And a bit sick"

I tried to be as reassuring as I possibly could.  Farmboy is at a smallish country primary school and so his Year 1 class is largely made up of the same kids he went to Pre Primary with.  I pointed this out and told him it was "just like Pre Primary but with your own desk".  This seemed to settle him.

When we arrived his teacher (who is fantastic - another upside of a country school is knowing all the teachers) was very matter of fact about settling the kids into their desks and then lining them all up for Assembly.  Parents were encouraged to leave quickly and he was completely happy when I left.

He is super exhausted this evening.  He has already told me he is not keen to go tomorrow in case there is "any fun stuff" at home he misses. I pointed out that home will be exceptionally boring tomorrow and school would be a better option.  He seems happy enough with this.

Apparently the most exciting bit of the whole day was being allowed to bring home a reading book.

J Is Obviously The Letter Of The Day

On a completely different note, my thoughts keep turning to all the people in North Queensland who are facing Cyclone Yasi as I write.  I am sitting in our solid old farmhouse on a hot, still summer evening and it feels a world away.  Like the rest of Australia I can only hope that people stay safe and the damage is not too great...  Queensland is a beautiful part of Australia and it seems to have suffered far too much already this year.



Emma said...

So frightened for those in FNQ. I just went outside, looked at the starry sky and felt the stillness of a balmy summer evening in Sydney and thought about how surreal it all is.

Sarah said...

Congratulations to your boy - we have first day of kindergarten looming next Thursday. And I too am very nervous for those poor Queenslanders - I hope everyone is out of harm's way. We have had a couple of holidays at beautiful Mission Beach - they're right in the path of the eye unfortunately.

Fiona said...

Well done to your big Year Oner!
I get a little lump in my throat when Sally often suggests she should stay home to help me on the farm, because "it's really not fair on you Mum".

Anonymous said...

Oh so beautiful! My biggest little one is in grade one this year. She starts tommorow and is super excited about not being the preppy anymore. Middle started 4 year old kinder and my baby tells me her job is to do the shopping with mummy. Good luck to farmer boy for the rest of the year.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Emma - I am glad that so far there seems to be no loss of life, although the damage looks terrible.

Sarah - Good luck with the first day of Kindy!

Fiona - Bless her cotton socks. How cute is that?

Caz - Thank you! I hope your little one had a great first day.