March 15, 2011

Making Scones With The CWA aka Cheating

Those who know me, will know that I can't make scones to save my life.  I have tried and tried.  The lemonade ones, the nanna's recipe ones and even the packet ones.  Once I touch them they turn out like biscuits or rocks.  Never light and fluffy and yummy.

Today though I decided I was not going to be beaten.  I brought out the big guns - the CWA scone mix.  All I had to do was add water.  I had high hopes that "adding water" was a process even I couldn't stuff up.

The Big Guns
I sallayed forth into the kitchen with Farmgirl with my cheat's scone mix.  To avoid my usual rock like scones I decided that the less I touched the mixture the better (given that I seem to be the kiss of death when it comes to scone making).

A Scone Shaped Rock That Farmgirl Found In The Garden - What Not To Create

My plan was to cheat even more and pop the mix and the required 280ml of water into the KitchenAid and let the dough hook do the kneading.  This plan went swimmingly.  Then all I had to do was roll out the scones and cut them with my cutter.  As I said, I utilised as much of a no touch technique as I could throughout.

And look - it worked.

Nanna Scones

They are not perfect, but they are edible and believe me that is one step up from my usual effort....

I am ridiculously excited with my effort.  I am going to make sure I always have the CWA ladies stashed in my pantry in future.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesdays.


Tas said...

They look yummy. If you have found something that works, stick to it. I have a problem with doing a roast dinner. Just doesn't work for me. I wonder if you can get them in a packet? (Since becoming a mum, I cut out the hand rubbing butter into flour and do it in the food processor. I know that my nan is looking down and tutting at me but I have always hated that part of making scones)

Emma M said...

Now we're all going to be craving scones and jam. Go the CWA ladies!

Anonymous said...

LOL - you are so funny Georgie!! They look good. The good old Country Women's Assoc. Still saving our butts all these years later .... or do they have a current version of the CWA for younger country women??

Amanda said...

They look perfect! Yum :)

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

How good is a scone with jam and cream?! I've never attempted to make one of these but they sure look good. I'm impressed!! xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment and admire the scones! Caz - I think you are confusing me with Georgie from St John's Wood. No worries though, Mums have lots to remember!

thatblogyoudo said...

Ha ha ha this is awesome, You know what I'm the CWA cookery officer for the picton branch in NSW and a dirty little secret between you and me... I cant cook scones either... Hoping one of the seasoned CWA vets will give me the skinny on the perfect scone, plan to help out at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year, I'll try to get them to teach me how (i'll be taking notes!) :-)