April 12, 2011

Fires And A Real Man Ute In Action

Guess what!  It rained on The Farm on Sunday night.  Water came out of the sky and everything.  Admittedly there was not a lot of rain, but enough to settle the dust (and save my sanity).  The rain dampened everything up enough for The Farmer to be comfortable with burning a pile of sticks that had been picked from one of our paddocks.

Look - my inner pyromaniac was in heaven.


Some of the fire got away into some stubble (that we hadn't planned on burning right then).

Runaway Fire

Don't worry though - The Farmer was right there with his Real Man Ute to put the fire out.

Putting Out The Fire

A Real Man Ute Doing What They Do Best

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.

Just a quick footnote.  The above photos are a bit dodgy because they were taken on my iPhone.  I just happened to be driving past when all the action was happening and only had my iPhone... I really should take my camera everywhere.


Kakka said...

Nothing like a good fire (one under control of course) and the rain was so nice wasn't it?

The Distressed Mother said...

I do love a good fire. Only when it's controllable though. Have been in bush fires that have not been so controlled - quite scary. But do you realise how hot some firemen are?


A Farmer's Wife said...

Kakka - Loved the rain. Just loved it.

TDM - The hotness of firemen has not escaped my attention....

The Distressed Mother said...

Haha that's good. Don't want to feel like a desperate single when I'm copping a perv.

Rachel said...

I remember how scarce and how special rain was from my New Mexican girlhood days...sadly its become a bog standard fixture of my adult life in England! Always lovely to see pics of your beautiful farm.