April 13, 2011

Retro Food For A Royal Wedding.

I decided recently to make the Coronation Chicken recipe in April's Australian Women's Weekly.  The AWW dedicated a whole segment of the magazine to recipes designed especially to eat whilst watching the upcoming Royal Wedding on TV.  At least I presume it was for watching on TV,  if you scored an invite to Westminster Abbey I doubt it would be acceptable to pop some pre-prepared Coronation Chicken in a Tupperware container in your handbag....

Anyway - inspired by this photo of an updated version of what is truly a Nanna recipe I got busy in the kitchen.

Trendy Coronation Chicken

Unfortunately my inner Nanna is never far from the surface.  No matter how hard I tried, my chicken looked very Nanna-like. In the end I decided to embrace my inner Nanna. I got out my favourite Nanna china and went for broke.  And look - a completely Nanna-fied result.

What Nannas Would Make For A Ladies Lunch....

I tell you what though, it was super yummy.  So much so that I am looking for an excuse to make it again...

In other random Royal thoughts - has anyone else noticed how many magazines are using fashion models who look just like Kate Middleton??


Sydney Shop Girl said...


I agree about the Kate lookalike models. I've noticed it too.

I will be definitely making the chicken for dinner the day of the wedding.

And some scones.

SSG xxx

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Tas said...

Ah, well, I am sure you could make it for a Saturday lunch watching the footy or an old movie. If only for Royal weddings, you might be waiting a while to make it again lol.

Katherine said...

mmm I love coronation chicken! When I lived in the UK my favorite Pret sandwich was the Coronation chicken one as well, lol. Thank you for posting, brought back some yummy memories :)


Anonymous said...

Embrace your inner Nanna, I say. :)