April 29, 2011

Wedding Time

Yay - much excitement here on The Farm. It's finally wedding time.

The Farmchildren and I had planned to watch the wedding in our PJs. Here is a photo of my planned outfit and an essential accessory.

Peter Alexander PJs and Good Australian Sparkling

I have had a last minute change in outfit as I have invited the German girl who is doing our seeding cooking to join us - the TV is out of action in the cook's cottage.  I thought she may be a little embarrassed if the boss's wife was in her PJs.... So I am wearing a legging and long top type arrangement.

Got to go though - the Beckhams have just arrived and I need to look at the TV to see what Victoria is wearing.

By now - enjoy the show!


Semi Expat said...

Really hope you enjoyed it all - we thought it was amazing - so beautiful ! Gorgeous Grace Kelly inspired dress - lots of champagne here and a few tears too. xx

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hello AFW!

I thought Victoria looked lovely. She did good. Didn't overshadow the bride and made the most of her baby bump!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

A Farmer's Wife said...

Semi Expat - I loved every single bit of it except for Princess Beatrice's hat!

SSG - I though Victoria looked gorgeous... Loved the navy and beautiful lines of her dress.

Emma said...

I adored it all as well! Posh looked fabulous and Viscount Linley's girls were divine. Loved, loved, loved Kate's dress too, so elegant and timeless. x

Alice Becomes said...

i love that you had an outfit picked out - and a back up outfit too! Priceless

Did you enjoy it? I thought it was sweet, Adored her dress

Gill xo

MultipleMum said...

It was history in the making wasn't it? I am glad you shared the moment with your girls x

Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more- Princess Bea's hat was AWFUL!! XX