April 28, 2011

The Shopping Gods Just Won't Leave Me Alone.

I did a day trip to Perth today to buy a few essential things and to do some errands.  And you know what happened?  I got waylaid by the Shopping Gods.  Don't you hate that?  I really think they have it in for me personally.

The first time they got me I was in the Manchester Department of David Jones looking for a wedding present (no - not for Kate and Prince William, other friends have actually planned a wedding this Saturday).  Whilst I was there a quilt cover and accessories just threw themselves into my arms and announced they were 40% off.  Obviously the Shopping Gods had given them special powers.  Needless to say they have all come home and are now making themselves at home on our bed.

Look - cosy.

Winter Bed Linen

I was also snaffled by these gum boots.  They were cute and just the right size for Farmgirl.  I felt it was an omen from The Shopping Gods.  I also hoped that if I bought the whole family new gum boots then The Weather Gods (infinitely more fickle than The Shopping Gods) would know we need some rain.

Gum Boots

My next stop was Ikea.  Given that it was lunchtime and the school holidays I obviously had a death wish.  I did survive though and given that I came out with what I needed and only one extra scented candle and three extra plastic containers, The Shopping Gods must have been getting tired.

In other random farm news - we are officially seeding.  I have big plans to get out in the paddock and take lots of photos and give you a blow by blow description of seeding.  Unfortunately at the moment it still hasn't rained (although now gum boots have been purchased I am sure that will change tout suite).  Every time I try and take a photo I choke on a cloud of dust and wind up with a photo of the same dust, with no tractor to be seen.

Can't wait for the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  Have got the champagne on ice and am planning on watching it in my pyjamas.

Take care everyone.


Makeminemidcentury said...

Shopping Gods you're funny!

Tas said...

Ah, bless retail therapy. Not much is better than that!

Bungalowgirl said...

Yes the op-shopping gods really got me today. Must be all the wedding hype addling us all. Great boots by the way, my girl waltzed out of kmart with rainbow striped Dora boots yesterday and has barely taken them off- justifiable as we have a mud pit outside our house.Mel.

The Distressed Mother said...

Good haul! The way to make it rain is to lose all gumboots, brollies and raincoats that you purchased specifically to be prepared. And then you won't be able to find said missing items until you purchase new ones to replace them.

TDM xxx

Anonymous said...

This post was so fun it felt like I was the one getting 40% off at DJs. Love the linen, especially those knitted cushion covers.
Enjoy your big wedding weekend. Cheers!

G said...

Yes, I'll be dressing up into my best trackies with bubbles in hand. We are off to the Complete Garden for 40% off tomorrow. Hopefully something to report care of the Shopping Gods next week. gxo

Not A Ballerina said...

I've never really regretted having a boy instead of a girl until now - I love those boots!! Although my poor little man already has to wear pink boots down at his grandfather's place (because my step-brothers' kids are all girls) ... did they have any more? ;-)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Not A Ballerina - the boots were from the Pumpkin Patch outlet at Innaloo (near Ikea) - they had quite a few pairs.