June 19, 2011

Back From The Beach.

We had a little break from The Farm and headed to The Beach House for the weekend. It was great.  But it's nice to be home too.

The Farmer bought me a new bike to ride when we are at the beach. It's blue and it's a Malvern Star!  I am super excited because my first ever bike was a Malvern Star.  Malvern Stars have come a long way since then.  My first one had backpedal brakes and no gears.  My new bike has handbrakes on the front and back wheels and lots of gears.  I was in danger of going over the handle bars at various times when I used the front brake and not the back.

My New Bike

We all went for lots of bike rides.  I had to ride behind Farmgirl.  She has a "hello trees, hello flowers, shiny thing, shiny thing" approach to riding in a straight line.  We didn't go very fast....

My new bike came with a new helmet.

The Bat Helmet

It is a very high tech looking helmet.  I feel a bit like Batman when I wear it.

One of the Nannas in the street The Beach House is on had a garage sale.  I bought some lovely nanna china.

Pretty Tea Cup

And a gorgeous new fruit bowl thingy.

Fruit Platter

My garage sale purchases made my day.  They fit right in with the casual, nanna by the sea vibe I am aiming for with The Beach House decor.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.


Semi Expat said...

Love your Nanna purchases! Great buys. And your bike is wonderful - lucky you and what a nice present from The Farmer. Glad you had a good weekend. x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Oh what a lovely weekend, AFW! Living it vicariously through your photos.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Andrea said...

Must have been the weekend for it - beach time and bying op-shop stuff.
I did the same (well, Antique shop....but similar sort of thing). The weather was splendiferous!

Anonymous said...

You're the coolest nana-by-the-sea I've ever come across. Very noice.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Very noice, very unusual....

Bungalowgirl said...

Love the nanna teacup and the gorgeous Malvern star- my first bike too= a red one. Sounds like a blissful weekend.

Emma said...

LOVE your nanna-by-the-sea vision :) Just spotted what I think are the white Ingolf Ikea barstools?? I am thinking about getting them when we (finally) get our island bench in the kitchen, are they good/not too Ikea-crappy??

A Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Emma

They are actually the Ingolf dining chairs. They are great. Very sturdy and well balance. I am sure the stools would be the same quality.

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

I LOVE garage sales! What excellent purchases! And a new bike? How lucky for you!!