June 17, 2011

Random Stuff - Cosy Pyjamas and The CWA Come Up Trumps.

It's been a busy and productive week here on The Farm.  It is feeling very wintery now and I have been putting lots of energy into keeping everyone cosy and warm.  The Farmchildren have also had head colds and have not quite been themselves.  Not really sick, just a bit snotty and grumpy.  That's OK though, I have felt a bit snotty and grumpy myself this week. (Needless to say The Farmchildren were generous with their germs and we all scored a cold.)

One thing The Farmchildren love in winter is warm pyjamas.  While they are in the bath, I pop their winter pyjamas in front of the fire.

Then when they hop out they have cosy, warm PJs to pop on.

PJs, Getting Warm

I promise it is not as dangerous as it looks.  The fire is in a pot belly stove thingy and the fire guard is actually a fair distance away.

In other very exciting news, look what I found at the shops.

CWA Cookbook

It's the CWA Soups and Stews cookbook.  Needless to say, it's fantastic. Full of country yumminess.  My favourite thing about the CWA cookbooks is that I can always source the ingredients locally.  At least half the time they are already in my pantry.  If you see this book in your travels - snap it up!  And then you to can experience some CWA magic in your kitchen.

Anyway - take good care everyone.  Enjoy your weekend.

PS - The CWA don't ever ask me to endorse their books.  I just do it because I think they totally rock in the cookbook world.  That many farm nannas are never, ever wrong.


Suzi - Under The Windmills said...

Mmm soups & stews sound good about now (yes, even though it is 8am) The CWA certainly are amazing cook book writers! I warm my kids pj's the same way, sooo cosy.

Emma said...

I saw that book at the shops the other day too, and didn't snap it up, dang. So true, that many farm nanas can't be wrong. I have the slices and biscuits one. Jammies in front of the fire remind me of being a kid myself. After a bath in winter we'd RAACE downstairs to our PJ's in front of our open fire. Nice.

Bungalowgirl said...

That cookbook cover looks inspiring. For those of us without a wonderful woodstove, if it's really cold maybe a few minutes in the dryer!. My two both have all in one pj's, fleecy and toasty. Makes me want to snuggle them both as well as try and find a pair for myself! melx

Tania said...

I love CWA cooking too because of that simple reason, the ingredients are usually in my pantry. I did have one book of theirs but my daughter has borrowed it lol. Hope I get it back soon.

I found some CWA cake recipes (at the bottom of the page) here:

There is also a PDF file:


I remember warming pj's when my kiddos were younger.

G said...

I can't tell you how much I love your blog. Don't ever change. I smile every time I pop in.

Saw the sequel to the original CWA cookbook (does that make sense?) in the shops and neeearly bought it. Your soups and stews book... scrummo. gxo

Kakka said...

Will keep my eye out for that cookbook I am sure it is filled with yummy food.

I can remember warming my kids pjs up but we didn't have a fire so it was in front of the heater, or I would pop them in the dryer for a few mins. Wish I had a real fire like you though.

Hope you are all over your colds. xxx

Heavenly Ingredients said...

I love charlie and lola too - she has the catchiest giggle!
Been meaning to check out CWA books for a while too
have a great weekend.

Emma said...

My parents used to do that with our PJs at the beach house when I was a little tacker! Am going to do whatever I have to do to get that cookbook to get me through the rest of this renovation! I love the CWA! x

The Farmer's Wife said...

So true about the farm nannas!!!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone - The CWA book has already had a whirl in the kitchen with good results.

Joolz said...

I am a good, from scratch scone baker but quite honestly, the CWA Scone Mix really is fantastic. Where did you get your CWA book from?