July 5, 2011

Listography: 5 Things I Want To Do This Summer.

Listography is being hosted by The Reluctant Housedad this week instead of the usual Kate at Kate Takes 5.  The theme is 5 things I want to do this summer. Now this is a timely one as it is midwinter here and the coldest we have been all year.  So being able to search through my summer photos and remind myself of lazy summer days was actually a lovely way to spend a cold afternoon.

To me summer means The Beach House.  This summer I just want to be the same as all my other summers. Lovely lazy days by the sea with friends and family.

These are the sort of things I want to do this summer.

1.  Eat Summer Food

I love the food we eat in summer.

Lots of these.


Some yummy fresh salads.

Fresh Fig, Feta and Basil Salad

Late afternoon nibbles with wine.

Cheese And Stuff

2. Go Fishing

I like fishing.  I want to catch one of these.

Big mackerel

3. Relax

I want to lie on the warm sand.

My Beach Hat

And swim in the clear water.

The Shallows

4. Watch My Children Play

I love watching the kids play on holiday.  They have so much simple fun.

Chasing Crabs


5.  Drink Margaritas

I am planning a margarita theme this summer.  Margaritas always make me think of this song.  Click on it at your own risk , you may well be stuck singing it for the next three days. The eighties flashback is pretty special though.  Jimmy Buffet's hair alone is amazing.

On that note - I need to go and put more wood on the fire.  Bring on summer.


deux chiens et un garcon said...

oooh, love that drink. Delightful summer dreams.

It is so icy and bleak here too.

Keep warm.

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

AFW, you so must be the girl up the front doing those moves? I knew it!

I love your summer plans. Countdown is on now that we are half way to summer!

I'm So Fancy said...

Okay that salad just got me started on dinner. Nice list!

Fiona said...

Great list.

As much as I enjoy our very mild Winters, I've been a little envious looking at Northern Hemisphere images of kids in bathers, beachside holidays, watermelon and melting ice-creams

... and ice-cold margaritas.

Domesblissity said...

Oh Farmer's Wife. You're living my dream! LOL We've wanted to make the tree change, twice, but since my daughter started school last year, I think we're staying put. We also have to take into account hubby's work and he's pretty comfortable where he is right now.

You sound like you live in a great part of WA, not far from the beach and all that wonderful seafood. (I picked Margaret River as one of my most favourite places I've wanted to visit on a previous Listography.)

Love your list and hopefully summer won't be too far away. We've had a really cold winter so far, as far as Brisbane winters go!

I'm your newest follower and looking forward to seeing all your recipes. You cook the same as me by the looks of it.

Anne @ Domesblissity

Donna@MummyCentral said...

Margaritas? Now why didn't I put some fab cocktails on my list? ;-D

Naturally Carol said...

It is hard feeling the cold here and seeing all those northern hemisphere blogs filled with sunshine..just a few months left and it'll be reversed!

Sarahmumof3 said...

great list, love the 'watch the children play' one thats my favourite pass time to, just watchign them enjoy playing!

Faux Fuchsia said...

Love the list! I miss my summer wardrobe and food and esp the beach x

Reluctant Housedad said...

Yes, Jimmy Buffet's hair is quite magnificent, isn't it. Looks like a sheep pre-shearing. Great list. Love the foodie photos. Thanks for taking part this week

Zoe Paige said...

Magaritas....Mmmm. Good list! Beach photos look awesome.

Semi Expat said...

Lovely Summery things and nice to think about that when it is soooo cold here in Melbourne! Your salad looks amazing. And Jimmy Buffet - ha! I saw him live in Los Angeles years ago in another life and that DATES ME!!! XX

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone.

Semi Expat - So glad you got to see Jimmy live. Bet he put on a hell of a show. I am always amazed that he is one of very few people who have been on both the fiction and non fiction bestseller list in the NY Times. Obviously much smarter than that hairstyle suggests.

Andrea said...

Ahh, jimmy buffet. A friend of mine in the states is religious about jimmy buffet, they go to concerts more than once a year, dress up in coconut bikini and crass skirt with flowers in hair and hawaiian shirts as well. CRAZY. And yet, I kind of think it is cool that they have so much fun with it.
I hope your summer is lovely.