July 30, 2011

Where's George?

The Farmchildren and I have bought The Farmer a coffee machine for his birthday.  A Nespresso one because I don't want the hassle of grinding coffee or cleaning lots of little tubey type things.

So far he loves it, as do I.  It doesn't take up much bench space and makes fantastic coffee at the press of a button.

Look - isn't it funky?

Nespresso and Nespresso Bits And Pieces

(Please excuse the industrial looking wall behind the Nespresso.  The glass splashback hasn't been installed yet.  I actually like how the wall currently looks but it is not very practical.  Bits of cement dust fall into my tea and coffee....)

And it makes a proper cappucino type arrangement.

Coffee Is My Friend

My only complaint is that it didn't come with this guy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

PS - I am linking up over at And Then There Were Four for the Weekend Rewind.  Pop over and see if you are interested.


Joolz said...

I love George! But I love Moccona Indulgence instant coffee even better. I can make a better cuppa than a machine with it!

Cheers - Joolz

Miss Nell said...

Oooooh luv Nespresso coffee, too yummy!!! Just a tip it takes about 3 - 4 working days for pods to arrive in bunbury after ordering them, so make sure you order more when you still have quite a few left!! lol :)

I'm So Fancy said...

We have a Jura. I tried for the Nespresso but H was worried George would stop by...and I like the industrial background look!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Live the new Newspresso, AFW!!

I agree with joolzmac - I have a soft spot for Moccona too.

SSG xxx\\Sydney Shop Girl blog

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

ooo - nespresso envy!!!
i've heard they're good.
very lucky husband i say!!
cheryl xox.

Bungalowgirl said...

Like the machine and the wall. Thought it was a deliberate industrial inspired shot. Cute cups too. Cannot see George driving a combine harvester and he would be very distracting. melx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Mel - I could cope with the distraction... We just did a blogworld "snap". xx

Tas said...

I'd be taking it back and refusing to leave till they handed George over ;)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone - no sign of George yet, alas.

Naturally Carol said...

They are great looking little units aren't they, really sharp. I was just thinking that if George Clooney was cloned he'd be called George Cloney..heehee!

G said...

I'll be Nespresso-ing it too when our coffee machine dies... and after nearly 4000 coffees I have no doubt that will happen soon. Love them! gxo