August 28, 2011

Sausages On A Saturday.

The weather here at the moment is beautiful.  It is getting up to the high teens, early twenties during the day, although the nights are still very cold.  Yesterday we were all in the garden, cleaning up and burning leaves etc.  The Farmchildren decided they would like to have a BBQ. So we set up the hot plate over a little fire and cooked some sausages and chops.  (The Farmer was in charge of the food, so salad was not on the menu....)

Campfire At The Bottom Of The Garden

Farmboy and I did make damper though.  It wasn't very good but we enjoyed it anyway.

BBQing With Damper Burning But Remaining Doughy Inside

The Farmchildren had the best fun.  As did our lovely dog Molly who got to go around eating all the left overs.  Then we all went for a big walk.

Farmboy In A Barley Crop

View From The Hill

I hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend.


Mummaducka said...

We do the same sort of gardening around here, but those little fires turn into some sort of scene from the lord of the flies. Did you know garden rakes, gloves and anything you can lay your hands on will BURN? We are starting to get past this but occassionaly I still see pieces from the wood pile making there way to the 'little' fires

Mrs Woog said...

Simple is quite often the best hey! Your place looks like a patch of heaven to me xxx

Joolz said...

That barbecue plate looks like it's been around a while - I bet the flavour off it is a whole lot better than on a fancy gas bbq! What a fun day!


Domesblissity said...

What a way of life you've got over there. Just beautiful.

Anne xx

Semi Expat said...

Mmm sounds perfect - my kind of temperatures too. And love it - Farmer was in charge of the food so... NO salad!! Ha ha ! x

Tania said...

I love bbq season. I think your type of bbq is the best. We have plates like this too, they definitely produce more flavour!

Your farm and crops look lovely and green. I guess the warmer weather will arrive pretty soon to dry it all off...I wonder what Summer will bring this year, extreme heat or mild.

Have a great week!

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

We are having exactly that sort of weather over here too and yesterday it inspired me to sausages. I discovered that my other half had never had a lamb sausage! At 34 I got to introduce him that that deliciousness. We however cooked them inside on the stove, your BBQ has much more atmosphere.

Emma said...

Oh I love your life! I have started trying to convince R that we can move out of Sydney and he can commute in to the city a couple of days a week. Wish me luck! x