August 24, 2011

Stop Your Fussin.

I have decided the blog needs a little musical interlude this week.

This song was a hit when I was thirteen years old.  It still rocks.

Hope everyone has had a fuss free Wednesday.


The Distressed Mother said...

hahaha i remember my boyfriend's sister used to sing it all the time. always reminds me of those times.

hope you are all keeping well on the farm xxx

Gorete Sousa said...




Amanda Kendle said...

That is a marvellous musical interlude. The first time I went to a concert ever was to see Toni Childs (with Claire). I remember it like it was yesterday. (Even though it was actually more like a hundred years ago). xx

Mummaducka said...

I too looove this song and sing/belt it out when the kids (home and work) are driving me nuts!! I think if I looked in my box of tapes and CDs (now all on Itunes) I would find this "album".

Ellie said...

Great lyrics, enjoyed hearing the song again, thanks AFW!

Faux Fuchsia said...

Baby needs that song. After a Strong Start he has decided he hates solids- I have tears, I have whinging, I have crankiness....He is a good sleeper and good with bottles but Solids and he do not mix.xxxxxxxxxxx