September 10, 2011

September 11th 2001.

I was twenty six years old when the world as I knew it changed and shifted.  Like most people I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news and saw that horrific TV footage.  It is something I will never forget.

Bruce Springsteen wrote this song afterwards.  It is beautiful but incredibly sad.


Mummaducka said...

I looove Bruce, his music always tells a story.
I remember I was watching The West Wing which I think came on at 10.30pm (I watched it religiously) and then just before 11.00 pm there was a small news break, then shortly later a complete switch over to the Twin Towers. I could not believe it, I watched all night, In the morning my hubby asked me why I hadn't woken him up. I had no answer, I was shocked and bewildered.

Naturally Carol said...

My Mum and Dad were over here from NZ and we were on a road tour from Canberra and that night was at a B & B in Adelaide..the news came on as we were having breakfast..we just sat there dumbfounded, shocked at the news and the images on the screen. There was such a sense of unreality that day.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

God love the Boss!

It was a bit surreal to me. I had done a hard 12 hour day shift in Emergency in Darwin Hospital. Went staight to bed at 9pm. Slept in the following morning and potted around the house all day completely unaware. Then got into the car at 5pm only then listening to the radio news for the first time. It felt like "War of the Worlds". I didnt know what had happened and was this for real. I phoned my boyfriend who had been working in theatres operating all day and he said he had no time to phone me but I should go home and turn the TV on.

I watched the TV for about an hour and then had a shower and balled my eyes out.

Much love


Donna said...

The clock radio alarm went off and we heard that planes had flown into buildings etc. I jumped out of bed to turn the tv on and we all just stood there in disbelief!

I got the kids off to school and then Farmer Phil and I raced into Wagga to see an American friend of ours who lives here now, to see if she was okay and that she didn't know anyone who could have been hurt or killed.

It was a horrible few days with everyone just in shock!

Donna x

The Distressed Mother said...

I was at home with my two year old, weeping at the horror I was seeing, wondering what sort of world it would be for my boy.

Exactly a year later, my precious girl arrived.

TDM xxx