September 9, 2011

Cute Birds. Etsy Love.

I love Etsy.  It always makes me feel like I am an arty, crafty and eclectic type person, even though I am not at all.  As part of my recent fall off the internet shopping wagon, I did hop on Etsy.  I was looking for some cute bird ornaments that were not going to break the bank.  Farmgirl absolutely loves birds and this house is surrounded by them, so I had decided (in my wisdom) that I needed some for the house.

And do you know what?  The Shopping Gods were smiling warmly down at me and I found 3 beautiful specimens.  In a fantastic Etsy shop called Hunt and Peck.   Before I knew it these little birds were flying their way across the ocean as they migrated from the US to The Farm.  (OK - so they were wrapped in bubble wrap and pink tissue paper in an airmail box but I won't tell if you won't.)

One landed on a lamp table.

Bird Number One

One landed on a shelf in the kitchen.

Bird Number Two

And one very clever little specimen managed to fly right inside the glass fronted book case.

Bird Number Three

Farmgirl and I are thrilled.  I keep finding her looking at them.

Everyone have a brilliant weekend.

PS - I have linked up with Multiple Mum over at And Then There Were Four for the Rewind.  Pop over and have a little look!


Melissa said...

I'm not an ornament person at all (except Willow Tree. I want WT in every single design they have). But these birds are adorable! I want them now. In my house!

Melissa said...

Don't suppose there is a link? Etsy has 179 853 items under bird. I'm not liking my chances of finding them before my drugs kick in,lol.

I'm prepared to beg, steal or bribe. I may offer sexual favours, but really, you'd need to just *give* me that blue bird for them.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Melissa - if you click on the words Hunt and Peck in the above post it should take you through to the correct Etsy shop. They did still have the birds last night... I haven't looked today though.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love those birds, AFW!

They look perfect in your kitchen!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

itsanaddiction said...

How gorgeous, we all need special pretty things like these to keep our eyes occupied! Farmgirl has the right idea :)

Hello Vintage said...

These are really cute! I seem to find myself buying this type of thing. I know what you mean about checking out Etsy and it making you feel arty/crafty as I am the same. Lol. At least I can live it though others! Sherry :)

LPC said...

Those birdies are terribly cute.

Lisa said...

I love those birds, they are gorgeous. I have a feeling that there may be a run on Hunt and Peck after this post!