September 16, 2011

This Week. The Big Issues.

I have been wondering about lots of things this week.  I thought I would share them with you.

1. How can I go from being a Country Road size medium last summer to an extra small this year?  As far as I am aware I have not shrunk.  Country Road people I still love you but I am an internet shopper, I need reliable sizing, not my ego stroked.

2.  Where did all the blow flies suddenly come from?  And why are they choosing to die in my bath tub??

3.  How come I can wait for months for builders and tradesmen and then they announce they are all coming in the same week?

4. How did I manage to get the viral equivalent of a "fly in, fly out" illness?  This winter I have been well for a week then sick for a week then well for a week then sick for a week.

5.  Julia vs Kevin?  What's going to happen next?

6.  If Farmgirl is going to her Kindergarten "meet the principal" interview, why does Farmboy tell her that only naughty kids have to go to the Principal's office?

7.  Can I wear a bright orange kaftan?  Or do I, as The Farmer says, look like a large, sheet-wearing pumpkin with a head?

8. Why are there always two rotten strawberries at the bottom of a punnet?

9. How can I justify buying an iPad?  I know I want one but also know I have absolutely no need for one.  I am trying to come up with reasons that a woman with a Macbook and an iPhone needs the gadget that sort of sits in the middle.  Kind of like Goldilocks having Papa Bear and Baby Bear but no Mother Bear really.

So - there you go.  That's my ponderings for the week. I know, I should get out more.

Anyway - here is a photo of a pavlova I made this week in case anyone needs some virtual calories.  Short a few strawberries because of question number 8 but delicious none the less.

Really, Seriously Good Pav

So - what about you?  Do any pondering this week?

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Zara said...

I don't know whether I can be of any real assistance with the weeks big issues, but the pavlova certainly looks delicious. x

Anonymous said...

Mama bear needs an iPad. Too funny. :)
I'm getting an iPhone this week, to match my MacBook. The apple trifecta is almost complete.

CountryMouse said...

The Pav looks great .. yum. the Ipad well I am having the same issue and I really don't need one but they are so fun ...

Amanda said...

Ooh, we have had FIFO illnesses this winter too, but I hadn't thought of giving them such a cool name!
I think it's hard to justify an iPad (I'm typing this on one!) - I just gave some big hints to hubby and he spoilt me with one for Christmas. I love it but I don't really need it ...

Mummaducka said...

GET THE IPAD!! I too have the Iphone and a fab laptop but I looove my Ipad. If I was penny pinching I would get a cheapo phone instead of an Iphone and have the Ipad- it is that good. I got one for papa bear for father's day and bear boy no 1 has one too (he uses it at boarding school- he got his at the same time as me last year) IMPORTANT- get the one with the 3G (more$) and get a telstra sim card. That way you are so much more hooked in when on the move.
I now source my handbags based on the fact that they will hold my Ipad. I even had one made to order on Etsy. I go nowhere without it. It is so portable. You can do your blogging on it too. I use it in the car when Mr MDK is driving. I sometimes use it at work. It is so handy, its always on. I gave mine to myself for xmas last year, There is not a day that has gone by where I haven't used it.You will not regret it. I should work for apple with my obsessive apple love!

Fiona said...

I guess be thankful you've gone from an M to an XS, and not the other way around! Too many of those gorgeous looking pavs and that may not be the case!
We've had some lingering illness issues as well ... three trips to the doctor in the past three years, and all of them this past week.
You have a lovely weekend.

The Distressed Mother said...

Too early in the morning for me to contemplate all these big issues. But your ponderings are bringing a smile to my cranky morning face.

iPads are fun, but I never use mine. The kids use it so they can keep of my mac. A friend just bought a brand new iPad 2 for $600 on eBay...

TDM xxx

Pauline said...

I enjoyed your ponderings but think I'd enjoy that pav even more.

Deb said...

I have been pondering why the kids in the street love out place the best and will the 150kg rated trampoline really hold all those kids and why does my dear husband get the urge to blast Metallica when I have a headache and visitors coming...
Pav looks totally YUM!!!

Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

If I used to be an XS in country road would I now be an XXXS? And where does that leave twiggy models who are 5x smaller than me?

Sydney Shop Girl said...


Right with you on the vanity sizing issue. Hope CR rectifies the situation for you ASAP.

Not much on my mind these days except taking each day as it comes, hoping for the best and looking to the future.

Have a good weekend

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Ellie said...

I think you should wear the kaftan - it is Spring and time for cheerful colour! Also, that pavlova looks delicious.

Kristy Prowse said...

Snap! I did a Pav too this week.
No strawberries here - more mouldy strawberries in the pack than good ones! We had kiwi and "passion" instead.

Do the flies come up the bath plug hole? Try leaving the plug in?
Maybe they get too hot in there.

Talk is that Kev will be in and maybe Turnbull when Abbott falls over.

My complexion suits orange too- but I do always listen to hubby with my clothes (no fashion sense to speak of!)

Hubby bought the Ipad and loves it - saves money and waste on newspapers (they're always a few days late here) can that justify your spend?

Thanks for visiting me and commenting too at the Rewind.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Blow flys everywhere here. The lttile man has becme obsessed with pointing them out and trying to cathc them on the windowsill.

Ane yeah I have noticed in main braind clothes I have gone from a size 10 pants to now size 8 going all baggy in the bum.

I don't have an i anything. But the ipad does look nifty and all the very young looking students have them now days at work. They show me up with all this knowledge at their fingertips.

The pav is glorius, I am salivating here.

Good luck with the gaggleof tradies at your beckand call this week.


Naturally Carol said...

Eating that gorgeous looking pav it's a wonder you haven't gone from a med to xlarge overnight! Lots of unanswerable questions there..but I do think Kev07 and Julia should do more to get it together for the sake of the country at the moment.

Cate B said...

You've nailed it. Your ponderings are the precise same questions which keep me awake at night. Except in regards to the clothing size thing....mine seem to shrink over night in the wardrobe.
Love your blog :)

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

That is one great looking pav.

I do agree with point 4, now I've got a bad stomach, and I never get stomach upsets, just weird.

We got my mother an iPad for her 60th birthday, she adores it. Part of it is just that it is so easily accessible. You don't have to start up computer, it is great for quick browsing or internet references when you don't want to type a lot and of course, nothing beats it for web surfing while watching TC.

Semi Expat said...

Your ponderings really made me smile but what made me very hungry was the pic of your fab. pav.!! and p.s. get and ipad if you think it will bring you pleasure each day and wear orange too!!! XXX