November 29, 2011

Harvesting. (With Random Added Crayfish.)

We are still harvesting away like there is no tomorrow here on The Farm. To paraphrase Faux Fuchsia we are "harvesting it the hell up". Today I was looking at my blog stats and saw that one of the most common searches that brought readers to my blog was "big tractor" and so I thought I would share some photos to appease the heavy machinery fans out there.  These photos were taken a week or so ago when we were still harvesting canola.  We are now onto the barley crop.

Here we are, heading out to deliver The Farmer's lunch.  You will note the fact that this is Farmgirl's idea of a "farmwork outfit".  I thought you would all like to see the dress code for our paddocks.

Boots required. Matching Hat and Dress Optional.

We then had a ride in our header.  For those who came in late, a header (aka combine harvester) is what we use to cut the grain off.  Crop gets cut and goes in the front and gets put through a serious of sieves so that the grain is separated off. The grain then accumulates in the bin on the back of the header.  Here is a photo of one of our headers, complete with the ever obligatory dust.

Header, Doing Its Thing

We went for a ride and I took this photo out the front windscreen.

Swathed Canola Going Into Header Front

The Farmchildren always think it is hilarious to say "nom, nom, nom" as we have a header ride because they think the header is gobbling up the crop.  This crop had already been swathed which means it had been cut and left in a row in the paddock to dry out.

This photo shows how we unload the grain (in this case canola, which is black) into the chaser bin which is being towed by a tractor.  Both the header and the bin keep driving during unloading so it takes some concentration on the part of both drivers.  I took this photo out the side window of the header.


We will still be harvesting for several weeks yet.  Our crop is going fairly well though so we won't be complaining.

For some reason Blogger has been posting random photos as I write this.  Well actually just one random photo.  And for some reason that is a photo of a crayfish dinner we had recently when our friend Hunter Gatherer got us some crayfish.  I have given in and decided The Blogging Gods have spoken and want me to include a random crayfish photo.



Take care everyone.


G said...

I'll be showing my girls this post because just the other day our next door neighbour was harvesting and they were asking 'is that machine a header?' I had no idea... but now, thank you, I do. And so will they. gxo

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

I love the machinery posts. They're so farmy and fascinating! And I too have a a girl who dresses herself often inappropriately - if you look at my last post you will find her wearing a black lacey layered skirt and sparkly top whilst camping and feeding the animals.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm cray fish

Maxabella said...

Ah, it's such a bloody good life, love. x

Joolz said...

Nom, nom, nom - Crayfish!


Deb said...

Love Farm Girls dress sense - boots compulsory, my kind of girl:)
I must admit I do have rather a thing for big diesel machinery.

Semi Expat said...

Good old blogger - loving the crayfish photo and your good old Aussie Harvesting.. So cute the farm children and their outfits. And I love Nom, Nom, Nom Too!!! XXX

Faux Fuchsia said...

Crayfish Envy! Send them over here. JEALOUS!

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