November 27, 2011

The Farm Family Get Christmassy.

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and decorations.  The Farmer had a few hours off and, needless to say, The Farmchildren were super eager to help.  I have never been one of those Mums who is really fussy about how the tree looks.  I think it is more important that the kids are involved.  Sometimes this results in an interestingly decorated tree so I may tinker a bit more once the kids are in bed.

Anyway - I thought I would share some photos of our Christmas bits and pieces, tree included.

Big Tree In Kitchen Room

Christmas Wreath Made By My Lovely Aunt

Wall Sticker Garland in Toy Room
Tree and Runner

Cute Bird in Hall.

I didn't buy any new decorations this year except for a few of the birds in the last photo.  I got them off Etsy and they are beautiful.  The sticker garland in the toy room is actually made from the same stickers I use last year to make this tree.

What about you?  Any Christmas decoration action at your house yet?

Enjoy Sunday.


Deb said...

I'm with you, I prefer the kids to do it and feel apart of it all.
Your tree and home is beautiful. We haven't put our tree up - we are officially banned from putting up our tree until after the birthday of my middle daughter, otherwise she says we are ignoring her birthday and rushing on to Christmas (middle child syndrome?).

Mummaducka said...

My kids and hubby usually do it but this year I decided that I'd buy an optic fibre one, these you just pull out of the box and plug in, sad but true!. Last year was very horrible as my husband just would not get around to it and I bought a plant on Chrissy eve. I was so sad. I even tried to buy the optic fibre one at a restaurant we went to. So my tree has been up since the start of November when they arrived in the mail.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I have started with a wreath and a small husband put up the white outdoor lights today!

Your tree looks great!

Fiona said...

Looking wonderful in WA! We don't do Xmas decorations until December, so next weekend will be full steam ahead. I've found myself singing Xmas tunes of late, husband is concerned I'm peaking too early!

Naturally Carol said...

I love your decorations. As long as the tree is sparkly, that's all that matters!

Tania said...

I love your decorations too!

I cant believe it is less than a month to go to Christmas again...I am so not ready yet, guess I will be rushing around at the last minute as always lol. I dont do our decorating until after my birthday on the 1st December :)

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

My Mum was brilliant at orchestrating tree decoration so that it ended up the way she liked. She also had a rule that you couldn't decorate unless the house had been cleaned because you wouldn't want dust under the decorations, so in December at least she had a couple of keen helpers.

My tree and decorations are up and I love it. It makes me so happy to come home to them.

Maxabella said...

Your place looks gorgeous! I have exactly the same approach to the tree as you do, including the stealth tinkering!! x

Annie ~ Red Roses and Crystal said...

Hello, my first time here but I'll be back. Love your sense of humour!
Annie xx