December 12, 2011

Christmas Countdown. Last Minute Parties And Stuff.

Phew.  Things seem to have got an awful lot busier on The Farm in the last week or so.  We have had the end of school round of concerts and parties etc.  It has been raining today and we made a last minute decision to have our farm staff Christmas party tomorrow night.  Here at our house.  So now tomorrow's job will be to get ready for a supposedly gourmet BBQ for over twenty people. (I am saying supposedly gourmet because the gourmet bit may not happen yet... the BBQ bit will though)  I am sure I will manage.  I have press-ganged our lovely farm cook into helping (she cooks for the workers as they are doing long hours) and she will be here first thing in the morning.

I have discovered that lots of meat and a decent potato salad always go down a treat with young guys who have been doing long hours on tractors etc.  The rain is playing havoc with our harvest and we are all a bit over it.  A good time to relax and have a party given that we can't do much else.

Once we are through the party there is one more day of school and then swimming lessons in the run up to Christmas.

The Farmer and I had a brief break on the weekend when we did a quick trip to Perth to purchase a tent for The Farmchildren for Christmas.  I think this decision may backfire on Christmas night when we all have to bed down on the lawn in our tent. It was lovely to get off The Farm.  We stayed overnight in Perth and headed back the next day.  The Farmchildren had a sleep over with their grandparents which they found super-exciting.

The Farmchildren are well onto the countdown til Christmas.  They both have Advent Calenders however Farmgirl seems to have done a bit of a raid on hers and eaten every second chocolate.  So some days she opens the door and there is nothing there.  She says that "a mouse" ate them.  I think the "mouse" resembles a blonde four year old girl....

I have just reread this post and it is about as exciting as watching wet cement dry.  Sorry.  My brain is a bit frazzled.  I think I may just go and have a glass of wine on the couch.


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Have a great party & the tree looks fabulous. Happy times & i wonder if you can set a mouse trap for that 4 year old blonde sized chocolate eater?? There is one in our house too, only 36 years old!! Love Posie

Mummaducka said...

We used to have a chocolate fairy who refilled a chocolate tin overnight. It was good fun. oh no camping on christmas night, who's idea was that?

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Busy days ahead for you! I love it when you see children so excited at Christmas. I know it adds a real buzz to our place and gets hubby (aka The Grinch) into the swing of things as well. Hope the party goes well!

Joolz said...

t's called reality, Toots!

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

I remember so many fun summers spent playing with the tent set up on the front lawn. It was always a highlight - and would keep us occupied for at least a day as there was no assistance given in putting it up!

Hope the rain goes away. I heard about last night's storms, sounds awful.

Good luck for a lovely BBQ today.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I loved this post, AFW! It's all about family, food and parties at Christmas and you have covered it all.

SSG xxx

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