December 15, 2011

Last Minute Party Preparations.

Yesterday was the last day of school for Farmboy.  I woke up a bit bleary eyed after a busy day the day before organising and then hosting The Farm staff Christmas party.  It was a work day for me so I ran around tidying up and loading the kids, their bags, lunches and presents for teachers etc into the car.  And then a note fell out of Farmboy's bag saying that he was having a class party that day for the end of school. Needless to say the note requested I prepare and bring a savoury platter of food... (I had a good laugh as the note apologised for the late notice, however it was dated 2 days before so I don't think the teacher expected it to be quite so late....) Cursing myself for not completely emptying his bag and turning it inside out the night before, I made a quick contingency plan.  I ran back inside the house and grabbed two cheap melamine Christmas bowls that were drying on the sink from the previous nights festivities. Then we headed into town.

Once in town I ducked into the local IGA and grabbed a couple of bags of chips.  Back at the car I quickly prepared my "platters of food" by shaking the chips into the bowls (which I had thrown some glad wrap over as I left - I thought this would mean I looked more organised)  See - here is a photo of my "party preparations".

Ingredients, Complete With Pre Prepared Bowls

Farmboy and I then walked into his classroom while I tried not to see all the other Mums bringing in plates of gorgeous home made quiches and wholemeal mini pizzas.  I did tell Farmboy's lovely teacher about my version of her "late notice" and she had a good laugh about it.  I must admit it is nice to wake up today and know the most I have to do this morning is get Farmboy to his swimming lesson at the local pool.

I hope everyone else has had a good week.  The Farm Christmas party was a big success and The Farmchildren managed to tax just about all our guests' toys from their Christmas crackers.  Farmboy even got up early the next morning to scout out the verandah floor to see if any fell under the table.  He scored a mini biro, a tape measure and a rubber bouncy ball for his efforts.

Take care.


The Distressed Mother said...

What a big day! Mine always forget to give me notes. I work at their school, but still can't keep up with everything that's going on.

Good score on the toys kiddies.

TDM xx

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Phew indeed!

I am sure the farmboys friends were so happy that at least there was some mother who brought chippies.

Soon this craziness will settle and and a moment to catch your breath.


A Farmer's Wife said...

TDM - Am glad even Mums who work at schools feel out of the loop.

Jill - The kids were excited about the chips! Farmboy told me that his was the food that all got eaten.

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

My Mum had the benefit of being a teacher at my school so she always knew about such events well in advance. My favourite thing to bring was always an orange studded with toothpicks with bits of tasty cheese or cabanosi stuck on the other end. I thought it was the height of sophistication at age 10.

Deb said...

I thought my little darlings where the ones who gave me the notes as we got in the car (late again) to rush off to school. I'm sure I keep the local corner shop in business with such dashes.
I can't wait for school to finish - 1 more day.

Have a nice break.

Jo @ Country Life Experiment said...

Love a last minute party prep. I asked my daughter not to volunteer me for anything that needed to be cooked, because we are currently staying with my parents.
She came home with instructions to bring egg and lettuce sandwiches... which she thought were great because "you don't cook sandwiches". I was really hoping for a bag of chips or some lollies.

Bungalowgirl said...

What is it with boys and complete lack of communication about anything of importance?. I am sure Roboboy thinks I have a direct circuit into his brain and just know everything that he has thought or experienced that day. Agree with Jill about the dry chips- that what the little blighters really do want to eat. melx

Mummaducka said...

Hahahaha, Kid food at a kid party, I'm not surprised his was eaten. Kids hate healthy stufff at parties! It's the only time they know they can get heaps of junk into them and not get into too much trouble!

Domesblissity said...

Thanks for the comment Farmer's Wife re the organisation (or lack there of on my part). I'm only starting to bring out a few of my collectables now that the kids are older but I'm wondering if I should keep them packed away just so I can reduce the amount of housework I have.

Loved your choice of catering option at Farmer Boy's break up party. Nothing wrong with that. Have done it many a time! LOL

Anne xx