January 10, 2012

Farmboy Turns Seven. We Make A Transformers Cake.

My gorgeous Farmboy is seven today. Yay!! We are having a little party for some of his friends today with the usual party fare for the kids and a glass of champagne for the grown ups.  I think we deserve a little glass of something for surviving 7 years of parenthood so far...

Farmboy and I have just finished making his cake.  It got me thinking.  Over the years I have made lots of cakes for The Farmchildren's birthdays.  That Women's Weekly Cake book has a lot to answer for.  I thought I would share some of my hits and misses...

Farmgirl's Barbie Cake

The Barbie cake was really hard.  If you look closely the marshmallows are doing a slow slide down to the bottom of Barbie's skirt.  There was a distinct ruffle effect by the end.

The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit was a unique bespoke design by yours truly.  It was made very early in the morning by a disorganised me.  I decided if I threw lollies all over it then a multitude of sins would be hidden.  It worked a treat and is now a personal favourite in my CakeWalk of Fame.

Pirate Ship

The ship cake was for Farmboy's fifth birthday.  We had a pirate themed party at The Beach House and I think I peaked in the cake decorating stakes with this baby.  I am quite proud of it.

The Slack Tart's Option

After every peak comes a trough and this was Farmboy's sixth birthday cake.  I strolled into IGA and pulled it out of the freezer.  And you know what?  Still a hit.  It was a bit of a busy time for us and the relaxed approach was perfect.

Farmgirl Turned One!

This was Farmgirl's first birthday cake.  It was very cute but I remember it more for what happened when we sang Happy Birthday.  The cake was placed in front of Farmgirl on her highchair tray.  As we sang Happy Birthday she obviously decided that she didn't want to wait for cake.  Hence she face-planted it and came up with blue icing all over her face including her eyelashes.  Fortunately she missed the candle!

And this year - well, Farmboy has had a big say in his cake.  After much discussion and me saying repeatedly that sculpting a BumbleBee Transformer out of cake was well beyond my abilities, we came up with this little number.  It has officially been called "The Transformers and Lots of Lollies 7 Cake".  Farmboy was instrumental in its design and execution.  So, while it may not be the best cake we have made technically, I have been told by the Birthday Boy that it is the best cake ever.


Aerial View

Action Shot

So - there you go.  A Farm cake retrospective.  On that note there is not much left to do but wish my beautiful boy a happy, happy birthday.  He is an absolute joy and we love him to bits.  Happy Birthday Darling.


Makeminemidcentury said...

I think your cakes all look fab.

It makes it busy when there's a birthday smack bang after Christmas.

I just made a cake from the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book, and I think it's completely over-rated. I realised it was a crappy cake when one of the party guests put in his fork for his first mouthful and then started screaming, "I can't get my fork out! I can't get my fork out! Help me!"

I'm outsourcing birthday cakes from now on.

alliecat said...

Happy birthday to Farmboy!

I recently did a 'Dora' cake in much the same way, with added figurines and it still looked fab, as do all of yours. My fave is the pirate ship FWIW!

Faux Fuchsia said...

Love all the cakes esp the IGA cake!! I feel ill thinking of what the hell I'll have to produce when little O turns 1. I have the WW cake book- makes me nervous!!!

Anonymous said...

All the cakes are gorgeous, but Barbie definitely does it for me. A very happy birthday from Mags and Emmy xx (can't BELIEVE he's seven already)

Mrs. Exeter said...

Wow - these cakes are AMAZING. Have you got a picture of Farmgirl after her dive into her first cake? You are really talented - pirate ship is perfection, but please, will you make a Barbie cake for me? xxx

Jo @ Country Life Experiment said...

Fantastic effort. Love how kids are always impressed by their birthday cake.

When Hannah turned 5, she had her heart set on the Castle cake from WW cookbook. Think massive construction requiring degree in architecture. Country Boy had just had his knee reconstructed and I was pregnant and working, so CB stood on one leg for most of the day to make it for her. She watched and "helped" all day too, and was sooo happy and impressed!
CB was proud of himself, though his knee was a bit swollen by then end of it.

Mummaducka said...

Your cakes look fabulous. I usually have to do 3 cakes. One for the actual day with just the family, one to take into school and then another one for any party they might be having. For the family one the kids usually request the ice cream cake, there's also a freddo frog one. Its fab too.

Tania said...


Loved all the cakes you have made. I used to love doing this when my kids were younger :)

Joolz said...

You are the queen of cakes in my books - I just never really embraced cakes of different shapes for my girls. They always had a home made cake but usually pink with stick on flowers etc.

Visit www.cakewrecks.com for a good giggle (there are some awesome works of art too).

Cheers Joolz

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Those cakes are great! I definitely agree with the barbie cake being really hard to make. It is just so much darn mix! Getting it all baked is damn near impossible. I made one for my 31st birthday. I later found the half Barbie lying next to the cake knife with strategic and artistic tomato sauce around her.

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Happy birthday little one! And I'm so impressed with all those cake-making efforts. Seriously good x

Semi Expat said...

Am sure Farmboy had a wonderful time and your cakes are fabulous. You are so clever. Particularly love the Barbie one. Loved making cakes for DD when she was little....how times fly. xx

Sydney Shop Girl said...

What an amazing collection of birthday cakes, AFW!

The pirate ship is also my favourite.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

deux chiens et un garcon said...

happy birthday farm boy. pretty awesome cake. betya his friends were impressed.

great cake retrospective.

G said...

Love the barbie, as would my girls. I've not bought the WW cake book on purpose, far too much work for my liking! Hope Farmboy had a wonderful day... gxo

Bungalowgirl said...

The snake pit and the transformers cake are brilliant- I love original ideas. Roboboy is expecting a lego minifigure cake! give me strength....melx

The Distressed Mother said...

They all look amazing. Well done!

Wishing Mr 7 a fabulous day.

TDM xx

Jacki said...

That Transformers cake looks awesome. And the Pirate, and the Barbie! I could go on.... I'm freaking out about making cakes for my kids parties, I think there's some serious pressure out there. I might be sticking to the old icecream cake option!