January 22, 2012

An Unplanned Silence.

Oh dear. We are on holidays at The Beach and I have struggled to find time to blog.... There is lots of beaching, eating and lazing around to be done. Plus there are a few issues with my Internet access and I have had to use my iPad (the one Santa brought me because I was such a good girl) to post this. I must admit it is easier to do than I thought.

I am going to try and post a photo now. Hang on.... Nope, too hard. That may have to be an iPad challenge for another day.

We will be back at The Farm by next weekend and hopefully I can get back to doing the occasional post. I have planned lots of posts on scintillating subjects like James Bond films (Santa brought The Farmer The Ultimate DVD Box Set and we have have started at the beginning and are now half way through the Roger Moore years), slow cookers vs pressure cookers, fishing and making memories for your children....

I hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves. I am still in denial about "back to school" preparations and really need to get a bit organised. I did manage to get the local news agent to package up Farmboy's stationary so I have that at least.

For those who are interested, Herbie The Wonder Puppy has settled in and is at the hilarious playful stage. Needless to say we are still all smitten. He is currently snuggled on the couch with Farmgirl while she watches Toy Story so the two of them don't wake the rest of the house as it is still early morning. (One of my favorite ever movie lines is in Toy Story - it's the bit where Buzz is falling and the other toys say he is finally flying. He responds "I'm not flying. I'm falling. With style.")

Anyways - I am in need of another coffee so am going to fire up the Nespresso again. Apologies for the image less post, it feels a bit like going to the shops without lipstick on.


Tania said...

Great to hear you are have a lovely time at the beach for the holidays. I cant believe they are nearly finished, one month of the year nearly gone already...

I think this time of year is a quiet time in the blogging world, I know I was quiet for a while, but once routine hits again there will be more regular posts.

A new iPad hey? You must have been good :)

Joolz said...

I am in denial about back to school preparations because there isn't going to be any at my house! I have been taking kids to school since 1995 and this year both girls will be in Adelaide, one working and one starting Uni for the first time.
No books to cover, no pencils to label, no school bag to pack with tissues, panadol, wet wipes, spare bobby pins and hair ties.... on the plus side - no having to pack school recess and lunches - hop hip hooray!
End of an era.


Tales of a Tai Tai said...

A holiday by the beach sounds superb. As does a snuggle with a little puppy! My husband is Bond-obsessed too - and Roger Moore is by far and away is fave. Men..... ;)

Mummaducka said...

I'm just packing up my big boy to go back to boarding school,Hell!
ooooo a new shiny Ipad!
With the Ipad and adding photos, I've found 2 good ways to go.
Make sure you have an email to send your post to. I think it's called register a mobile device. Then you can email a photo from your phone too! you can send it to a draft or publish it straight up. But i found you had to make sure you are logged out of all devices.
Or I have an App called blogger plus is pretty good and you can add photos from your album, but it does leave it all in tthe app as a draft. Then email. Do you have Icloud too? The photos automatically transfer from iphone to ipad and computer when in wifi, it's pretty good!
It's all a bit tricky, but does work.
I just loove my Ipad. If you find a better app or way to post I loove to know about it too. Cheers, j

Faux Fuchsia said...

I am in my last week of maternity leave. I am feeling the Fear x

Semi Expat said...

Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy, enjoy! And you did make me laugh about the lipstick comment! :-) Very funny. xx