March 19, 2012

Rocket Dog.

As some of you know we have the coolest puppy in the world.  He is a sausage dog and is renowned in our house as "Herbie The Wonder Puppy."  The Farmchildren spend a great deal of every day playing with him.  On the weekend he took on a new persona.  Farmboy decided to make the most of his long lean body shape and turn him into a "Rocket Dog".

A suitable chute for him was set up.

Rocket chute

When I protested that it may not be the safest means of transportation for a dachshund puppy I was reassured.  The Farmchildren had already assessed the risk of Herbie going head first down the chute and made him a "stunt helmet."

Stunt Helmet

I vetoed the chute idea - fortunately Herbie was on to it anyway and had hidden under the couch....

Here is the "rocket dog" in all his glory.


On a completely different note, is anyone else over summer?  I want winter already.

Thanks too for all the fabulous rose suggestions on my previous post.  I will definitely do another garden update soon.  Not much farm stuff to report.  We are spreading lime sand on paddocks.  Photos of tractors throwing sand out the back do not a good blog post make.


Suz said...

I don't know how you do it, but every time you do a post about Herbie, you make me want to get a dog! But let me clarify - I don't really like dogs. I'm a bit scared of them, I don't like doggy hair, I don't like doggy smells (I'm not saying Herbie is pongy), I don't like doggy doos etc. Yet somehow, every time, I'm glad I read this at night when all the pet shops are closed!

Suz said...

Me again - I was just doing some reading about dachshunds. I didn't realise they are so at risk of back injury - now I realise why you vetoed the chute. You are such a good Mum. :)

Fiona said...

Every child deserves a dog!
I'm sorry I didn't comment on your last post, though given that a few years back I planted over a hundred pink roses, to watch them slowly wither away to thorny brown sticks in the ground it's probably best I didn't. One of the survivors was Bonica, a very nice pink rose. Our problem though was the bore water, which may not be an issue for you. Can't wait to see what you decide upon.

Joolz said...

We are having a second burst of summer now with temps in the high 20's. Our rain water tanks have about 10cm of water left so we are desperate. It's meant to rain tomorrow but pffft, like that's going to happen! Bring on the rain!

Cheers - Joolz

PS: Herbie is too cute!

Joolz said...

...and yes, I share Suz's sentiments - I want a dog... but I don't really like them and all the bits that go with them!

Bungalowgirl said...

Sausage dogs are just gorgeous. could you perhaps get us a shot with the helmet on, perhaps head poking out of the chute? Totally staged of course, we don't want the poor thing to have a heart attack! melx

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

We didn't get summer on the east coast! You can send some of that warmth this way please. Herbie is just too cute for words. I had the joy of babysitting my sister's two mini schnautzers on the weekend, it was fantastic.

Lisa @ Simply Me said...

What a fantastic tunnel, and the helmet is great. Kids are so much fun!

Perri said...

What fun for your 'sausage dog' ... having had one as a pet during my childhood ... we loved our 'Snag' ... yes that was his name ... some years later, I have 2 miniture dachshunds babies and the youngest of them, Fritz 2yrs old, loves to run, jump and go hunting like a big dog and even tries to work cattle :-)
Miniture Dachshunds are the best pets and great companions for children and adults... I love mine :-)
I hope that you and your children have many years with your 'sausage dog' :-) ... P