April 30, 2012

Miscellanea. A Big Word For Random Stuff.

This post is full of lots of random news.  Nothing that will change your life though, so don't go getting too excited on me now.

First of all I bought The Farmchildren new gumboots.  Look.  Aren't they funky in a rubbery kind of way?


I bought them because The Farmchildren need them but also because last year it rained straight after my gumboot shopping.  I am hoping The Weather Gods will heed the sign...

The label on the gumboots made me smile.

Useful information

I loved the bit about them being waterproof.  Always a handy quality in a gumboot.  I also loved the bit about them being designed for fashion and light work.  They will be perfect for The Farmchildren.  While we believe in child labour on The Farm, we do keep them on light duties and expect a certain level of style from all workers big or small...

My friend Mrs HG gave me these flowers.  Aren't they pretty?  I am quite jealous as I am still at the shoveling of compost into garden beds stage of my rose garden.

Blurry Roses

I found this fantastic recipe for a Spanish type chicken bake thingy over on Beth's blog at Babymac.  I am making it for dinner tonight.  It smells fantastic.  Our local supermarket did not have chicken thighs with bone and skin on so I have made do with drumsticks.  And for some reason The Cooking Gods seemed to want me to throw in a red onion.  So I did.

It looked great even before it went in the oven.

Chicken And Friends

I will let you know how it goes.  I have got a good feeling. (Mainly because Beth is a brilliant cook.)

So there you go.  A miscellaneous blog post complete with what I am making for dinner.  Happy days.

Take care.



Fiona said...

Who doesn't love a little miscellanea ... it's what makes all our lives go round.
Hooray for waterproof gumboots ... let's hope you're in need of them very soon.

Emma said...

As my little one is currently wearing non-waterproof gumboots I am pleased to see that there are other more reliable options available. Was seriously considering ordering both mine Hunter boots as am so fed up with inferior, poor quality gumboots for children. x

Unknown said...

Crossing my fingers here too. I bought new gumboots on the weekend for the kids too!

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

I totally want a pair of cool gumboots. Of course I live in surburbia with paved courtyards so have no need, but surely they would be useful at some point?

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Definitely hoping for rain here too. I've held off gumboots shopping because I didn't want to jinx it!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone.

Emma - the gum boots are made by Thomas Cook (the horsey clothing people).

Nat - I say forget jinxing. Go head to head with The Weather Gods and buy the boots!!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Oh my goodness! Here in Wales the green is so brilliant it hurts your eyes, and why is that? Rain, and more rain, and more rain still. It seems to have stopped just now but I can make it start again by going outside. Can I send you some?