May 6, 2012

The One Where I Wear Green Jeans. Only This Time I Am Not 19.

I have hopped onto the coloured jeans bandwagon.  After much thought, I decided green was the colour for me.  Not too out there but most definitely not wimping out with a blue based colour.

As I am not sure green jeans count as investment dressing, I explored the nearest Target for coloured denim options.  After rejecting a petrol blue pair (pretty but not quite far enough from normal denim) and a shocking pink pair (I looked like a superannuated brunette Barbie Doll) - I settled on green.

Look - here they are.

Green Jeans With A Camera Loving Sausage Dog (Who Just Jumped in The Photo)

They cost me all of $32, fit beautifully and seem like OK quality.  I will see how they go.  They are a bit more of an emeraldy bottle green colour than they appear in the photo.

What I did realise after my purchase, is that I had a pair of jeans exactly the same colour when I was about 19.  They had more of a baggy 501 type cut and I wore them with a black wool fitted turtle neck jumper, wide black belt cinched in at my then tiny waist and suede black lace-ups shoes that were funkily chunky.  It was a better look than I have made it sound.... (Oh - and I also had big hair.)

The new jeans are skinny and will be worn with a long scooped neck black jumper to hide my now less than tiny waist!  The colour may be the same but the cut has most definitely changed.  The sausage dog will be optional.

Speaking of Herbie The Wonder Puppy.  I am concerned that he is getting a diva attitude when he gets his photo taken these days.

Look - he did a perfect sulky ear swish.

Sausage Dog With Attitude

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Take care.


Mummaducka said...

I haven't jumped on the coloured jeans wagon this time around. I do also remember a pair of bright orange , blue and apple green ones that I had about 10 years ago. I remember them as I was just preggers with my baby no 3. People always rudely commented to me about being a council worker in the orange ones! i still loved them and wore them to death.

Jo @Countrylifeexperiment said...

I used to wear green jeans when I was 16. I find it very hard to buy clothes that I previously wore as a teenager, but may cave to the jeans

Brasilian_Babe @ motherhood career fashion said...

Your pup looks gorgeous.
And I loooove coloured jeans. Look forward to seeing how you style them! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG - I DEFINITELY remember your green jean outfit from when you were 19! You did have big hair! Love it. FW

A Farmer's Wife said...

F - The default setting for my hair is big! I still spend a lot of my life trying to tame it down a bit and live in hope that volume will come back into fashion. The jeans were from Supre and the jumper from Katies. Happy days. I have had worse outfits.... xxxx

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Show us a pic of you in them!! Good on you for taking the plunge. I'm yet to go there but everyone's doing it!! Go you!

brismod said...

I haven't jumped on the coloured jeans bandwagon. You're cutting edge out there on the farm!! xx

Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

Love the colour of those jeans - I definitely plan to hop onto the coloured jean bandwagon this winter (once I find time to go shopping!)

Joolz said...

I nearly fell over on Friday when I tried on a pair of jeans from winter 2010 - they didn't fit me last year - but they fit me this year! Whoohoo! I am a weird shape - about size 14 waist and size 10-12 bum and thighs - sigh! Having a round middle makes jean buying nearly impossible for me and frustrating to the point of tears! I am doing a happy dance at the moment because this one pair fits me.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous colour, I was looking at them myself in Target recently and also decided green was the go for the same reasons you've listed... I hope the coloured jean trend sticks around a while!