May 9, 2012

By The Fireside.

It has finally started to get cold here on The Farm.  I am loving the cool evenings and being able to light out fire each night.  Autumn/winter has felt like it has been a long time coming.

I decided that The Farmchildren needed some little comfy seat type arrangements to sit on in front of the fire.  Being a child of the 70s I decided to embrace the resurgence of the pouffe.  Such a multi-purpose, under-utilised bit of furniture should get another look in I think.  (Or some clever design/marketing person knows the value of nostalgia as a whole generation of 70s children become parents.)

I have found memories of sitting on a cream vinyl pouffe as a child.  My brother had a chocolate vinyl number and we used to put them in front of our gas heater.  If you weren't careful, the vinyl would get so hot it would burn you... (Surprising, really, that they never melted.)

I found these on line for The Farmchildren and duly filled them full of beanbag beans. (That's a story for a whole other post.)

And look.  Here are my beautiful babies in their PJs in front of the fire.

Cosy toes

And, in case you need to know, here is a pouffe in all its glory.


So there you go.  Cosy photos for a Wednesday night.

The Farmer is still seeding and it still hasn't rained much at all.  Oh well.  We will just push on.

Take care.


Zara said...

And the sausage dog must be liking the new seat option too by the looks of it.
We also have a Pouffe very similar to yours that is often the spot of choice for a cat or two in front of the heater.

Z said...

I need some pouffes in my house. May I ask where I got them from?

One of my favourite childhood memories is being cuddled up in front of the fire on winter nights at my aunt and uncle's farm in Katanning. There's nothing like a wood fire on a cold country night.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Pouffes were from Table Tonic on-line. We filled them with beans when they got here. I think they need a bit more in the way of filling so will add some more soon.

Anne@GtSlamseysFarm said...

They bring back happy memories. Why did they go out of fashion?

Unknown said...

Don't you love how kids can just sit and watch! Though I am hoping this year we can just have the fire grates around and not have them 'wired' up!

Mrs. Exeter said...

They look gorgeous and so snuggly - what a happy doggy too!

Joolz said...

Ooh yes, we had pouffe's too! A lot more ugly than yours though...

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

I love those pouffes. They are such an excellent seating method!

The Drillers Wife said...

Oooh are they the morrocan leather ones? I have been eyeing one off for The Drillers Daughters room in pale pink! Id love one in the lounge room but at the moment my lounge room is also my school room, play room, dining room,entry way so im full up! Soon i will be getting one for that room to sit my feet on near the fire!!