July 26, 2012

The Fine Art Of Concealment.

Do you ever notice something little that makes you smile?  I was opening a new box of my favourite concealer the other day.  It's Benefit's Erase Paste and it is brilliant for the days when I have not had enough sleep and feel like I look every one of my 37 years and about a dozen more.  It comes in a little pink pot.  See.

Erase Paint

Just for the record I think Benefit products are the absolute best.  I just love them and adore the fact that they have funky colourful packaging with a real retro feel.  I do love a cosmetic that doesn't take itself too seriously.  No po-faced packaging here please. Nothing worse than a mascara that looks like it has a university degree. (Or that you need a university degree to put on - I struggled for a long time with that mascara that makes the little tubes over your lashes before I gave up....)  Benefit always comes through with the goods.

Anyway, as I opened the little pink box with the little pink jar of wonder in it I saw the bottom of the jar for the first time.

Brightening Camouflage

It promises "brightening camouflage."  Love it.  The idea of being both bright and camouflaged is a bit of a contradiction.  I had visions of super shimmery people with boot polish on their faces and leaves in their hair.  But definitely no dark circles under their eyes.

So - what is your favourite make up brand? (I know, I know - this is most definitely not a make-upish type blog. Humour me.  I am feeling shallow.)

And just for the record, this is most definitely not a sponsored post.  If the Benefit people feel the urge to send me stacks of free stuff though, that's OK.  I need all the help I can get.


brismod said...

Ha! I always love a recommendation as I am very out of touch with all things make-up. I've been using a cheapie l'oreal bb cream which does the trick for a quick face in the morning. xx

Makeminemidcentury said...

In terms of makeup, I just buy MAC because it's the closest to the front door of David Jones. So it means I don't have to think too hard.

But then, I've ditched makeup for work because I couldn't be bothered. Though I have discovered the magical haven of Mecca Cosmetica and my friend Dr Brandt celebrity plastic surgeon or sixth member of Duran Duran. I swear by his cleanser and my new Nars blood red matt lipstick! I'm happy to try some of your paste too. I'll keep an eye open for it!

Mummaducka said...

My fave makeup at the moment is the Garnier bb cream, followed by Jane iredale minerals on top, also use her under eye concealer and eyeliner. Favourite eyeliner and mascara though are the blinc in dark browns. then I use a glominerals lipstick (snapdragon)with a dab of lipgloss (plum glaze) on top. There you go, I gave away all my secrets!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I've never tried Benefit cosmetics! Thanks for the suggestion. I too am looking every one of my 37 years and then some.

SSG xxx

The Distressed Mother said...

I've never met a concealer I like. They seem to highlight the wrinkles and bags.

I'm liking the Loreal infallible foundation at the mo. Must try one of these bb creams everyone is talking about. Do you know what they actually are?

TDM xxx

Z said...

Benefit mascaras are the best ever. EVER. I wear two coats each of They're Real! and Bad Gal everyday, without fail.

I am also a huge fan of Guerlain. They make the nicest face products, and I couldn't be without my Meteorites to make me look sparkly and awake instead of dull and comatose.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Loving all these make up tips. Thank you! I too love Benefit's mascaras and head down the Bad Gal route without fail every morning...

sharon said...

where does one get hands on this miracle stuff Benefit Camoflague cream?!

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

"Brightening camoflauge"! That's great! Loving natio products at the moment x