July 23, 2012

What I Did On The School Holidays.

Do you like my title?  We have been so busy over the school holidays that I have neglected the blog.  Plus I have had internet issues as explained in my previous post.  I thought I would give myself an essay assignment to show what we have been doing.  Here goes.

Farmgirl's Birthday.

Farmgirl turned five. Five! My baby is five!  We went to The Dinosaur Petting Zoo at The Museum of WA as her special treat.  There were huge, realistic dinosaur puppets and it was fantastic.  Both Farmchildren loved it.  The presenter asked for kids to come up and tell dinosaur related jokes at the start of the show. Farmboy surprised The Farmer and I by standing up and telling his favourite Knock Knock joke (The Interrupting Dinosaur inspired by The Vicar of Dibley's  The Interrupting Sheep).  He was a star.

Scary Dinosaur - Ra!

We also went out for a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant for Farmgirl's birthday.  I cheated and bought this cake.  It was a big hit.

Hello Kitty Cake

The Epic Toy Room Tidy Up.

The Farmchildren are lucky enough to have their own TV/Toy Room.  It works well, particularly as their bedrooms are the size of a dogbox (and a Chihuahua sized dogbox at that).  Unfortunately it can get a bit scary in  the Toy Room and every 6 months or so I get very cross and do a massive tidy out.  Toys are culled, rubbish is thrown out and everything gets a good once-over.  I didn't take a before photo because I was just too embarrassed at the state it was in.  I did take a "during" photo though because I felt the mess was excusable by then.

Not Pretty

Here is the after shot.  I was worried that The Farmchildren would notice their missing toys after the cull but they didn't as they were just so excited about having a tidy Toy Room again. (I had sent them off to do other things whilst I did The Epic Toy Room Tidy Up as they tend to be less of a help and more of an anti-help.)

Tidy Toy Room. Bliss.  (That horrible floor rug is on my hit list.)

The Packing Begins.

Excitement! The Farmer and I are heading to the UK on a business trip this weekend. It coincides with the Olympics so hopefully we will get to soak up some Olympic fever also.  We are mainly based out of London though, which may not be a bad thing.  I started to pack on the weekend.

I got everything out and laid it on the spare room bed for a final cull closer to our departure (which is actually this coming weekend - eek).


I always find I need to take a lot of clothes on these trips as they often involve at least one formal dinner and numerous farm tours.  So I need to cover all my bases in the packing department.  The whole idea of taking one of those capsule wardrobe type arrangements never seems to work as you invariably get mud all over the black pants that are supposed to be worn for all occasions on the first day.  I am quite proud though, as my suitcase is not full and is still underweight.  Plus my clothing pile is the same size as The Farmer's.

So there you are.  That is a quick wrap up of some of the things that have been keeping me busy.  We also chased lots of sheep for The Farmer which is always good for wearing out Farmchildren.

Hope everyone is well.


Mummaducka said...

Wow, same size as hubby's that is quite an achievement!

Bungalowgirl said...

A toy room cull and an overseas trip in the same fortnight- you are on a roll! melx

Fiona said...

Horrible rugs are quite acceptable in toy rooms I would think. For one thing, they're probably not usually visible under the strewn lego, play dough, books etc.
Wishing you a wonderful trip, look forward to hearing all about it.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Good work on the clever trip packing!

That's an excellent effort with the toy tidy up!

SSG xxx

The Distressed Mother said...

Gotta love a good toy clean out!

So exciting about your trip. Enjoy the packing and preparation :p

TDM xxx

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Have a fantastic time on the trip and well done on the packing. I love the shelving in the toy room, so good for all that kid stuff.

Faux Fuchsia said...

good luck for the trip, Mum's in Londy for the Lympics too, say hi to her for me x