July 19, 2012

The No Frills Blog Post.

I am once again venturing into the iPad blog post. Which is all well and good except I literally only know how to write. Can't link and can't work out how to make photos appear so I apologise now for the lack of whistles and bells on this post.

 I am stuck blogging on my iPad as we have a bit of an Internet issue here on The Farm. I can't even blame Telstra. Farmboy is the culprit. He spent a whole day watching Justin Beiber music videos on YouTube on his iPod Touch and used up all of our allowance for the next week or so. And it is a pretty generous allowance so there must have been an awful lot of Justin watching..... Anyway - the upshot of it all is that I need to use my iPad SIM card as we are at the stage where Internet use is super duper expensive for the next few days. Until the 22nd of July to be exact. Needless to see Farmboy's iPod Touch has had its wifi connection disabled. Justin has a lot to answer for.

 In other exciting news I won a gorgeous necklace on Faux Fuchsia's blog. Which I would link to but that is way beyond my iPad blogging ability. So scoot over to my blog roll and check out her blog and the necklace that way instead. The biggest challenge when the necklace arrives will be persuading Farmgirl that she is not allowed to wear it.

 Farmgirl had a birthday and we went to see a Dinosaur Show at the Museum of WA which was brilliant and then went out for a family Chinese dinner. She had a super cute Hello Kitty birthday cake that I definitely didn't make. Once I am allowed full Internet access I will add some photos of it. The good news is she had the best birthday ever. Not much else to add really. Plus this iPad keyboard is not conducive to long rambling posts. And a long rambling post without images is a bit boring really.

 Take care and I will be back with pretty pictures next week.

 (Breaking news - Farmboy has informed me it wasn't just Justin Beiber he watched but also a band called One Direction. I think we need to discuss his musical taste. Or is that normal for a seven year old boy? I think The Farmer was just relieved he hadn't downloaded any naughty stuff.)


Faux Fuchsia said...

thrilled you got the necklace and I hope it arrives before your wedding.

I once used up all my downloads by watching season 5 of Mad Men live streamed from the USA....and I have a huge allowance.


A Farmer's Wife said...

At least you were not watching Justin Bieber.....

Mummaducka said...

I hope the little fella is feeling much better about it now. We do it all the time this month we used up all our downloads in ten days! We are always contacting our account manager to give us more allowance! Those Ipads can be pretty darn handy!
I have nominated you for a blog award and have put a link on my blog to your's for a challenge. 7 things to write about yourself, you may have already done one before. There's absolutely no requirement to partake, but I found it a bit of fun and it's got me back in the saddle. Cheers, J