August 16, 2012

A Winter's Afternoon.

It is a beautiful winter's afternoon here.  Clear skies but the air is crisp and cool.  Recent rain means our crops are finally starting to flourish and the landscape is properly green.


The light is soft, washed out and almost a little bit faded.  I am enjoying this winter.  Summers here seem so long that the winter is sometimes an all too brief respite from the heat, dust and flies.

Today when I was wandering around outside I spotted some sheep that had escaped.  I looked at them and they looked right back.


Then they decided to be on their merry way before I did something rash, like tried to put them back in the correct paddock and prevent them feasting on the grass near the house.

Sheep On The Move

Herbie  The Wonder Puppy decided he would up the tempo a little.

Sheep Chasing Sausage Dog

Lacking motivation on a lazy winter's afternoon I decided to let them graze on the hill for a bit longer.  The Farmer can pop them back where they belong later.

I hope everyone else has had a lovely afternoon.


Alicia said...

The wheat looks great, I had to laugh at the sausage dog :)

Rachel said...

Your pictures and the descriptions that go with them always capture the peace of farm life perfectly.

Here in the northern hemisphere, in my first month of farm life, I can only dream about the fly/mosquito/hornet exodus to come in the winter months approaching...

Unknown said...

Looking good out your way! I promise we are headed west...eventually! Herbie is the cutest x

Joolz said...

Winter seems to be having her last little burst here. A different day and temperature every day this week. I do seem to recall that we have out worst wet/windy weather just before spring bursts forth.

Love that Herby the S-dizzle - does he really think he's a sheep dog? Lol?

Cheers - Joolz

A Farmer's Wife said...

Joolz - he definitely thinks he is a sheep dog. Not sure what the sheep think though.....

Tania said...

Lol that is so funny!

I had a mini foxy that chased the sheep on my parent's farm once, she had sheep going everywhere and looked like a little black and white magpie bouncing around in amongst them! She was hilarious to take spotlighting when we got after a fox, the yelping was deafening!

Have a great day!