August 19, 2012

The FF Jubilee Necklace Has Landed.

Recently I was lucky enough to win the lovely Faux Fuchsia's giveaway.  I won the super special FF Jubilee necklace that allows you to become more efficient, more glamourous and doubles your polish options all in one go.  It arrived at the end of last week and is indeed a very magical accessory.

This weekend on The Farm has been a bit on the quiet side and so it has yet to have a proper wearing.  Not to be thwarted though I decided to try it out by putting it on with my pyjamas.

Look - it even looks good with flannelette. It is like a party around your neck.

Me Channelling FF

The necklace comes from the fabulous Willow and Lotus at Red Phoenix Emporium.  I love their site and often buy gifts and accessories from there.

So - thank you FF and RPE.  I will post some proper outfit photos at a later date.  (Although some days I wish my pyjamas could count as a proper outfit....)

Enjoy what's left of Sunday everyone.


Romy said...

It almost elevates your pj's to cocktail wear.....magical! Rx

Semi Expat said...

Congratulations it looks wonderful especially with PJ's!X

Mummaducka said...

You lucky duck! I looove RPE too.

Miss Directions said...

Looks great :-) so does your nail polish co-ordinate?

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Oh you lucky thing! It is gorgeous.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Very chic!

I love the combination of jewels and comfy!

SSG xxx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you crack me up! Glad to hear you had a lovely time in London. Say hello to the farm family for us. Suzx

Tania said...

I am sure your jewels would look great with anything you wear as you have shown here :)

Very pretty they are too!


Red Phoenix Style by Willow and Lotus Phoenix said...

Glad the Fuchsia Jubilee arrived safe and sound and has gone to a loving home! I am loving it with the pjs ;) Hope you have lots of stylish adventures together. L&W xx