October 9, 2012

Farmgirl The Fashionista.

Farmgirl is very much a girl with her own distinct style.  Her ability to put together outfits has always been something to behold.

She definitely believes that pink is the new black.

Paddocks and Baby Pink Fairy Dresses - What's Not To Love?

She also likes to mix things up sometimes.

Pearls Go With Everything

And knows the value of a good pair of wings.

That Many Fairies Can't Be Wrong.

On some occasions she matches her shoes with her Mum.

Love That Leopard Print

And on other occasions her Mum refuses to play that game.

Enough Said.

Faux fur is a firm favorite in winter.


And summer...

Too Cosy

Accessories often run to the eclectic. (And occasionally a little dangerous...)

Fishing Lure As Skirt Adornment

She knows the value of matching her nail polish to her sandals.

Too Cute

Although mud can always replace footwear if it is available.

Mud = Fun

And none of us will ever forget the DIY hair do.

Cropped (Looks More Chewed)

Who knows what my gorgeous funny girl's style will be in the future?  I can't wait to find out though!


**Anne** said...

I love your little farm girl fairy. I also like a woman that knows her own style. You go farm girl, you go!! :)
Anne xx

Fiona said...

Just gorgeous. They grow too fast. Hope everything's going well for you in the west.

Penny's Portraits said...

She's cute!

Faux Fuchsia said...

I LUFF HER!!!!!!!!!

Brasilian_Babe said...

Farmgirl is so so lovely. Mud on one's feet is the business. People pay a fortune for that kind of thing ya know! :-)

Z said...

Excellent hairstyling skills. I recall I once gave myself a style makeover with a pair of scissors disguised as a fish. Sadly, I don't think that my hair ever recovered from the experience.

Romy said...

I admire her style! Oh to be able to get away with pearls a tutu AND fairy wings....half her luck! Rx

Anonymous said...

My daughter had much the same 'style' of dressing when she was younger. The more fairy the better. She is now 15 and still has her style but sadly the fairy style is long gone. You never know though socks and sandals might be on the comeback trail (LOL). Louise

A Farmer's Wife said...

Anna - Thank you! I doubt she will let much stand in her way.

Fiona - Thank you. All good here and gearing up for harvest.

Photographer Mum - Very cute.

FF - I luff her too. Big luffs.

BB - Lot's of mud here! Maybe we are missing a market opportunity??!! LOL

Z - Oh the hair. We had to get it cut to about 1 cm all over and she had this (admittedly cute) pixie crop. It has finally grown.

Romy - I know - I tend to fall down on the wings myself.

Louise - I can't wait to see how her style matures. And her personality.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

That girl will go a long way. It's the mixture of pink and wings with mud and a fishing lure which is the giveaway! She's great.

Bungalowgirl said...

Just letting you know that Liongirl LG and Farmgirl FG are releasing a label shortly, in the vein of Sass and Bide for preschoolers. It will be called LGFG. It will all be pink , with a lot of faux bling as well. Liongirl has been trialling the singlet, tights, gumboots, beenie combo on her bicycle in 29 degree weather and she is expecting feedback from FG on whether this will make the cut for the autumn line. mel x ps has anyone commented that FG has her sense of style from you? as that is what another mum scared me with at school pick up.

SlapdashMama said...

Adorable and hilarious!

Tania said...

Haha, that is too cute!

Loved this post! Reminds me of my girls growing up around our farm :)


Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

SHe's so adorable - I miss that age so much! My daughter is only 8 but seems like an eternity ago that she loved to dress like that. Enjoy! Mel x .