October 4, 2012

Little Yellow Planes.

Actually the planes are normal plane-size in real life they just look little in my photos.

We have had some of our canola aerial sprayed recently.  I tried to take some photos but sadly lacked the skill and equipment to do a decent job.

Look - bet you can't spot the minuscule plane.

There Was A Plane There Somewhere...

I can't see it either.  No idea where it has gone as I swear it was there when I took the photo.

It makes an appearance below though. You can see its shadow too.

I See A Plane

And here it is again.


Looking very yellow here.

Little Yellow Plane

There is no plane in the next photo - I just thought it looked pretty.  (And if I accidentally jagged a plane in it then that was a bonus.)

Silvery Gold Barley And An Impressive Sky

Hope everyone has had a good Thursday - as far as Thursdays go.

Take care.


Alicia said...

It's a bird, It's a plane...oh it's a plane ;P I thought I saw it in the first photo, but there was a spot on the laptop screen!! I can't see it in that one, I tried, I wanted to see it.

Anne Wheaton said...

Our canola (or oilseed rape as we bizarrely call it) is only a few inches high and the barley isn't in the ground. Lovely to see it growing in a different country.
You got that plane in the end.

Naturally Carol said...

I can't see a plane in the first pic either...but am really impressed with the last picture, the light is amazing and so is the landscape..just beautiful!

Romy said...

What vast and dramatic 'Australian' countryside you live amongst....quite different to our perception of 'the country' down here. Have a lovely weekend! Rx