December 8, 2012

I Draw The Line.

In my last post I showed Farmboy's little Lego snowman Christmas decoration.  (I didn't show the Lego reindeer because he has lost a leg and is relegated to the back of the tree.)  The gorgeous Heidi from Adelaide Villa left a comment saying she hadn't let her kids put Lego on the tree.  I had a laugh and was feeling like a tolerant Mum.  Then Farmboy got on the decorating band wagon.  He put a fluoro alien which flashes different colours smack bang in the middle of the front of our tree.  Now I know neon is bang on trend at the moment but look at it.  It has freaky weird eyes.

Ta Da!

I tried to take a photo while it was flashing but it was too much for my poor camera. And then I drew a line in the decorating sand and promptly banished it from the tree.  So I am much less tolerant of random child-inspired decorations than I thought....

In more Christmassy news we have got more fairy lights.  Look.  A fairylit mantle.

Lit Up

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Angels On High

(I know there is no news of the farming bit of life on The Farm at present.  That's because it keeps raining and our headers can't harvest... Hopefully it will stop soon and I can stun you with some photos of heavy machinery.)


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hoping for clear skies for the farm soon!

Your Christmas lights are perfect.

SSG xxx

Unknown said...

We have allsorts of things on our tree. I don't mind. Each time Hayden brings something home from school he adds to it. Thursday was a cow and a sheep!

Heidi said...

Dying laughing! You are still a more tolerant mum than me. But the alien was clearly the last straw. We also have that reindeer as well. All I can say is, Thank God that Lego Club decided to scrap the December- edition- with- free- ornament and go with a January one instead. Presumably a cost cutting measure on their part, but I'm sure there are many more mothers like me giving a cheer! xx

River said...

My tree is almost groaning under the weight of every ornament I own.
I love your fairy lit mantle. I did a similar thing years ago with battery operated tea lights when we had a blackout.

Unknown said...

Oh, kids and christmas decorations. Mine isn't old enough yet but my mum still brings out a box of Chrissy decorations every year including some wonderful numbers we made as kids. The toilet paper angel is my particular favourite. I can't believe she still uses them.