December 3, 2012


We have got on board the Christmas bandwagon and decorated The Farmhouse.  Much, much excitement.  I love Christmas and having The Farmchildren just makes it so special.  I thought I should share some photos of our Christmassy stuff.  Please remember I am not renowned for my photographic prowess and hence some of the photos are quite rubbish to be honest.  (The Christmas Tree in particular is hard to photograph as it is in the corner of two windows - looks wonderful from outisde and in but creates weird light effects on camera....)

Anyways - I am sure you can get the idea.  We embrace the concept of "more is more" and "too much glitter" at Christmas.  Here is the main attraction - the tree.  Bit like certain attributes of Dolly Parton really - big and fake.  (I wrote about the passing of my romance with real trees a few years ago if you are interested.)

Our Tree

It has no theme - just a random collection of stuff we have brought and been given.  I try to stick to red, silver and gold but there is lots of other colours creeping in.

Here are some of my favourite decorations this year.

Pretty Sparkly Shoe

Roman Lady
LEGO Frosty
Danish Ceramic Egg

The Farmer and I brought the gladiator and his lady friend in Bath for The Farmchildren earlier this year.  The Danish egg is actually an Easter ornament that was a gift from a Danish au pair years ago. I just love it as it reminds me of her and how we all loved her. And the Lego snowman is just cute!

We have also managed to make stylish and minimalist Danish candle holders look wonderfully tacky with some Christmas sparkle.

Georg Jensen May Not Have Intended This...

Or This

(My brother-in-law and his uber babe Danish girlfriend live in Copenhagen and with all the comings and goings I get lots of gifts - lucky me!)

In our sitting room and hall we have gone with a fluffy, feathery theme.

White Fluffy Christmas Tree

Gorgeous Sparkly Owl

So there you go - The Farmhouse is all Christmassy and ready to go for December.  The only thing left to do is pop the fairy lights up on the patio.  (We had planned to do that yesterday but some friends popped in and we drank champagne on the patio instead...much better use of a Sunday afternoon.)


Emma said...

Oh it all looks fabulous! I adore the Lego snowman, as would my two Lego obsessed children. xx

Faye Fossay said...

Your farmhouse looks WONDERFUL! I too so love gettin g our farmhouse all decorated for Christmas! I've been doing it all in little bits here and there, and it's slowly but surely coming together... and will most def be perfect and all done come Christmas Eve! Thx for sharing! :)

Heidi said...

You're a much nicer mum than I - we have the Lego snowman too (obviously Farmboy is in the Lego Club), but I banned it from the tree. At first I allowed it at the back of the tree (where it couldn't be seen), but it kept moving around to the front of the tree. Eventually, I encouraged my son to do a Christmas Display in his bedroom, so the snowman became part of that. He is also doing the Lego Advent calendar this year - the Star Wars one. I'm struggling to see its relation to Christmas, but he's enjoying it!
Love the sparkly decorations, very festive! And totally agree that drinking champagne with friends is much nicer than putting up fairy lights. xx

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

More is more is the only way to go at Christmas in my opinion! Love all your sparkly candles. I need some of those now.

Unknown said...

Looks lovely!

Romy said...

You've obviously been v tree is still sitting in it's pot in the garden.....may have lied and told the children it's going through a last minute growth spurt so we must wait until next weekend when it will be bigger and therefore have more room for decorations! Phew they bought it so have a week's reprieve. Rx

Anonymous said...

We haven't had time to put up the decorations yet but the nagging is starting to wear me down. As The Farmchildren get older you will be able to add all the decorations that they do at school. I still insist on putting our daughters (she 15)up much to her disgust, the macaroni might be starting to come off but it is now a tradition. Louise

River said...

I really like the wire tree behind your sparkly owl.

Joolz said...

I ave always been Joolz McAnal and I decorate our tree. Trillions of decorations in red, green and gold. Each year I buy a new deccy for both my girls, writing their name and date on it. It's sparkly and flash and that's how I like it!

Domesblissity said...

What tree wouldn't be complete without a sparkly shoe! I've similar owls in the shops and I think they're gorgeous. I know if I bought one it would finish up in bed with a certain little girl.

Anne xx

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Loving your take on Christmas, T!!!

SSG xxx