February 24, 2013

Random Post On A Sunday Morning. Decorating Stuff.

Sitting here having a coffee when I suddenly felt the need to blog.  Unfortunately I was not also struck with inspiration as to what to blog about.  Oh well.  Can't have everything.

In search for inspiration I had a quick look through some recent photos (does anyone else do this when looking for blog inspiration? ) - and I found some photos of a few decorating materials The Farmer and Farmboy bought on our recent trip to America.  I took them not long after we got home and meant to pop them in a blogpost but never got there.

I have blogged about The Farmer's decorating before.  So if you need to get some idea of his vision just click here.

First up - Farmboy's choice.

King Kong On The Empire State Building

Uh huh.  I paid money to frame it.  Farmboy adores this poster but there is no way it is staying in our dining room.  It is currently awaiting its final position in the toy room.  Where he can admire it in all its glory and I won't have to see it too much.  Although the fact that he loves it and that he chose it does make it kind of cute to me.  Especially as we had to buy two posters as he wanted to get one for his friend HG Boy.  When I took it to the lovely lady who does our framing she laughed and admitted that she had actually framed one before!  So it is not the only one in town.

Now the next decorating "piece"is courtesy of The Farmer.  While he says it is decor I think perhaps it is because he can't be bothered finding anywhere else to put it.  He has decorated the corner of our bedroom with......his new snowboard!


(Actually to give him credit the snowboard did find a new home - yesterday.  Which is only a month after we got home.)  At one point he made a vignette with his boots as well.

I have been having a few decorating dilemmas of my own.  Trying to find some pictures and things to go in the quarters when they are finished.  We have a lot of guests from overseas and so I want stuff with a vaguely Australian theme (and from WA if at all possible) but don't want the real Australiana tea towel, Pub With No Beer type theme.  Hard.  Plus it is being done on a budget.  So far I have found an old map of the southern half of WA and some pages from an old WA wildflower book which I will frame.  Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Hope you have a good Sunday.

PS - Have just realised that I may have been unjust to The Farmer.  When he is being serious he actually has very good taste.  The problem is most of the time he is not being serious.  Especially when he threatens to do things like hang the snowboard on the wall above our bed.


Heidi said...

A snowboard is an excellent decorating device in country WA - very place appropriate methinks! Love farmboys taste in pictures. A future Interior Decorator for sure. As for things for the quarters.... black and white photos (yours) of the countryside nearby maybe? If you change your own photos to black and white they always look much better. You could do close ups of rusty gal and water tanks and farm equipment if you're feeling particularly arty. Frame them in some cheap IKEA Ribba frames and all done very cheaply. xx

**Anne** said...

What an interesting decorating style your hubby has...unique!? :) I had to laugh at the snowboard with Animal on it. We love Animal in our house and every few months check out Youtube and watch old snippets from the Muppet show to watch him in action.
As for decorating 'the quarters' maybe you can find some prints online of famous/well known artists works of Western Australia. Mind you, none of said artists comes to mind but perhaps you could ask "Uncle Google" as my brother calls that particular search engine.
Good luck,
Anne xx

River said...

Do you get snow in WA?
I like Heidi's suggestion of farm equipment and tanks etc framed for the quarters. Depending on furnishings they could be left in colour or done in black&white or even sepia.

A Farmer's Wife said...

River believe me the chances of us getting snow are pretty much non-existent!

Thanks Anne and Heidi. I have a stack of photos already and will go through them one day and see what I can find!

Mrs A said...

Hello! I have been a follower of your blog for sometime now and love it. It is my first time posting, when you mentioned prints i thought about this print shop we have here in Sydney.


Their catalogue is on their website.

Mrs A

Sarah said...

I agree with the other comments. You could even print the photos on canvas rather than framing behind glass. Would give the images a more interesting texture. Good luck and happy decorating!

Domesblissity said...

Thanks so much for your kind words on the blog about looking for work. Great minds think alike. I was thinking of that exact same thing but my head was full of self doubt. I think I might start making some calls. I think there's a market for it in my area as there are quite a few working couples with families who don't have time to do shopping let alone cook meals. Thanks for the vote of confidence xx