March 21, 2013

A Messy Garden. (And A Messy Government.)

Our garden is just one big fat mess today.  The professional tree loppers have been here for a few days removing some of the trees that were too close to the house or full of white ants.  It is a bit sad, however I am consoling myself with the fact that it was very necessary.

The Farmhouse was built about 15 years ago by the previous owners.  They built on the site of an older and presumable smaller house.  So our garden is much older than the house.  Some trees that were far enough away from the old house were way too close to this one.

To me it all looks a bit bare now but we have plans to plant a lot of new trees in more appropriate places.  The garden designer also came yesterday and I love her plans.  We will source the plants and do the actual planting ourselves.  We will probably wait a month or two so it is a bit cooler and we have more time after seeding.

Here are some before and after photos.

Before tree removal.


And today....

Less Lush

I probably haven't been entirely fair with these photos as one is mid winter and one at the end of a long summer!  Some trees haven't gone completely and have just had dangerous limbs removed.  I think this makes it look barer too (or so I am telling myself....)

Tree Stump Near Front Door

Their was one tree in particular we loved out the back of the house. It was a huge lemon-scented gum.  It was too close to the house and branches would land on The Farmchildrens' bedrooms if they fell.

The Farmchildren tried to save it with posters.

Save The Gum

We told The Farmchildren that while we loved the tree we loved them much more and hence the tree had to go.  They have consoled themselves with being allowed to plant more this winter.

Needless to say our garden is now a huge mess of leaves and the odd branch or two.  Cleaning up planned for this weekend!

Speaking of messy - I was a bit shocked about events in Canberra today.  I don't usually blog about politics but things are getting a bit ridiculous.   I think the time has come to vote if there is this much leadership hullaballoo.  Time for an election please.  Personally I would like a say in who leads our country.  You know - it being a democracy and all.....

Hope everyone has had a good week.  Can't believe tomorrow is Friday again.  Where do the days go?


Heidi said...

Oh no, I completely disagree. I think that it's a great turn of events that Bob Katter is effectively holding all the cards in keeping our current government in....!! Fingers crossed that either the GG dissolves parliament, or that someone crosses the floor and an election is called. Nothing is going to get done at this stage until after September otherwise....
On the garden front while it is sad to see trees go, you have to make things safe. We have a beautiful big tree in the backgarden.... one of the reasons why we bought our house, but we had to prune back almost 2/3rds of it due to rampant unchecked growth over the past 40 years or so. They kept the shape nicely, and it's already sprouting out in all directions, so its not all bad - your garden will recover. Exciting re the garden plans... love the Greens protesters in your house too! xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Bring on an election... Maybe Simon Crean or Joel Fitzgibbon will cross the floor??? Who knows? I think Kevin is just waiting til Julia loses and then will challenge. Don't think he wants to lead a losing government.

Getting used to the trees being gone already. Even the mini- greens are OK with it now... I honestly was quite worried about the trees, especially when the wind came up.

Romy said...

What conscientious little tree thing you know they'll be all grown up and tree sitting somewhere in Tassie! Don't worry J and I will try and coax them down with champagne and stories of wild Hobart nightlife.....?! Rx

River said...

Sad that some trees have to go, but sometimes it's necessary. Have the termites been eradicated at the same time? If not they will just move on to another tree. Did your building site get treated before construction?

Fiona said...

Love the 'Save the Gum' poster.
Have a great weekend.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Romy - don't think either farm kid would last long in a tree.... Particularly if coaxed down with promises of a party!

River - the termites were already treated - just left with damaged trees...!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Fiona - quite liked the "Save The Gum" poster myself! Cute if futile.

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

It's a laughing stock? The government, I mean. Bring on the election!

On the plus side, your garden is going to be wonderful. I empathise on the tree issue. We currently have an amazing massive Ornamental Pear that was sadly planted too close to the house by the original owners and its also blocking our view - it pains me but we are going to have to cut it down.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mel x

Unknown said...

I have been having some fun with the Political commentary on the radio, here are some of my favourites;
smoke of a rumour
media rubbing the rumour
self select prophecy
Rudd: already told you journos to take a cold shower
we will bring you certainty
what a cup cake
faceless men

My very favourite from Julia herself:
Take your best shot!!!!!

Faux Fuchsia said...

I watched the parliament thing unfold in horror as was home with the sick one. DREADERS!!

I love cutting down a tree- it improves the soil, let's light in and protects during a storm!

Anonymous said...

I love how passionate your little ones are! We had a similar situation with a beautiful old gum in the family home that attracted a gorgeous flock of cockatoos every night. Unfortunately it had to go for safety reasons as well. It's always sad, but as you say, you can plant some beautiful new trees to grow with your family xx
Anna (My Design Ethos)

Tree Removal Brooklyn said...

The photos make the jump from green to mean, from clean to obscene. What was the reasoning for making it look so barren? It was gorgeous.

-Samudaworth Tree Service

A Farmer's Wife said...
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A Farmer's Wife said...

Tree Removal Brooklyn - The trees are native Australian trees known as lemon scented gums or more colloquially "widow makers". They are renowned for dropping large branches suddenly and without warning. Any Australian tree surgeon worth their salt would not suggest leaving these trees within a few metres of a house or area where people congregate.

What you see as obscene and mean, I see as safe for my family.