March 27, 2013

In Search Of Golden Roses.

In need of more rose variety advice again!  Part of my garden plan includes a warm coloured section which has been inspired by this post by the lovely Jenny at South Acres Farm.  So now what I need is some beautiful and very hardy roses - remembering it is a tough gig in my garden in February!  I am looking for soft creams, pale yellows, coppers and champagney type colours.

All ideas are most welcome.

So far, I have one Just Joey which I adore.  It is one of those popular roses that some serious rose people turn their noses up at.  Shame on them I say!  It is a gorgeous rose and I love the lemony spicy scent.

Just Joey

It has finally got a little more autumnal here on The Farm.  The nights are getting cooler and - such excitement - we have had two decent days of rain.

Plans are underway here for Easter, needless to say The Farmchildren are very excited.

I don't think I will get a chance to blog again until after Easter so just thought I would send a Happy Easter out to everyone.  I hope you all get to spend time with family and friends.

Take good care.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Happy Easter, Farm Family!

SSG xxx

Romy said...

I am addicted to David Austin's roses 'Sharifa Asma' which is an apricotey colour with a pink centre in my garden, yet when I googled it just then looks really pink! I inherited some really unattractive salmon, copper colour roses which I left and it works well mixed up with those. I also have the beautiful yellow 'Jayne Austin' and find that all of his roses do really well in my neglected garden which never gets any rain so worth a try in yours? Have a lovely easter! Rx

Emma said...

How lovely to have roses growing in the garden. I can't imagine anyone turning up their noses at something so pretty. Have a wonderful Easter break. xx

Unknown said...

Beautiful rose, I love the smell. Happy Easter xxx

Oie said...

I adore "Julia's rose" it is vintage sunset in colour. Call me snobby, but its the only variety I grow in our otherwise native garden!

Unknown said...

I have a lovelly rose called 'Flirtatious' that is an apricot but towards a pink. It is a Swanes rose, it's hardy, flowers well and has a nice perfume.

River said...

I don't know the names of roses nor which ones are hardy or fragrant. Might I suggest you contact various gardening clubs or places such as the Diggers Club and others there might be, a google search would help there, and ask for their advice.
It seems that the David Austin roses are both hardy and fragrant, just going by what the other commenters have said.
I love the idea of a warm rose bed with the yellows and sunset shades. Are you also planning a cool bed?

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

You will adore your 'warm' bed .... and the amazing thing is that these perennials and roses do very well in the hot weather... they are stronger and less delicate... this should be good for your environment!! Jennyxx

Nanette said...

I love my yellow gold bunny roses. They are extremely hardy and require very little water. Enjoy the feast that is Easter with the farm kids

Domesblissity said...

No advice on roses from me. Its all tropical species in my garden. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

Anne xx

Heidi said...

Jenny's garden is so beautiful. I just got my copy of the Treloar rose catalogue in the mail today! I ordered from them last year online, for delivery in July and was v. pleased as the range they have is much better than my local nurseries. Some yellows for you that are David Austins are: Golden Celebration, Charles Darwin, Charles Austin (apricot yellow), new release "Lady of Shalott" (v. pretty), Graham Thomas, Jude the Obscure (v. pretty). There is also a very pretty burn orange called Summer Song, which would look good mixed in. I have Sharifa Asma, as Romy suggested, but mine are definitely on the pink side... but they'd look good mixed in with some of the yellows. Don't feel bad about your love of Just Joey - they are excellent cut roses, and the blooms last for ages on the bush. I only like them at the back of beds though, as they're not a pretty bush, bit leggier and sparser than the Austin roses. Sounds like a great project. Enjoy Easter with the Farmchildren (we tell ours the Easter Bunny doesn't come until the sun is up, due to past experiences with torches). xx

Anonymous said...

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