April 25, 2013

Anzac Day.

As all Australians would know it is Anzac Day.  We took the children in to our local Dawn Service.  It was beautiful in its simplicity, complete with laughing kookaburras during the two minutes silence.

Like many people I watched some of the coverage on TV and read newspapers and blogs about Anzac Day.  I think my favourite quote today was by Keith Payne. He is a Vietnam veteran and Victoria Cross recipient.  When asked about remembering his fallen mates on Anzac Day he answered

"Two minutes is not long enough."

I imagine it is indeed not long enough.

Lest we forget.

Rainbow,  Main Driveway Looking South

(If you would like to read Keith Payne's VC citation you can do so here.)


Heidi said...

I'm sure that those that return think of those that didn't all the time - how could you not? The service sounds lovely xx

Emma said...

The 2 minutes is not long enough quote made me burst into tears. Indeed, 2 minutes is not enough. x

A Farmer's Wife said...

I agree totally Heidi.

It made me teary too Emma. He was such a humble man and they also interviewed his wife. She was asked if she had been surprised at what he did - she said no as he was that sort of man and it was what she would have expected him to do. Brave words as she had small children at the time he was in Vietnam.