April 24, 2013

New Shoes, Tractors And Lots Of Agapanthus.

Well hi there.  Back again.  I had big plans for today and took The Farmchildren to Perth to buy new shoes for winter.  Not one of my favourite jobs I must admit.  Decent children's shoes seem to get more and more expensive each year.

We all had quite a good time in the end.  Even Farmgirl managed to pick out two sensiblish pairs of shoes for winter.  Previous years have involved me doing some tough negotiating as to exactly why hot pink sparkly high-heeled thongs that are two sizes too big are not suitable winter footwear when one lives on a farm and is a five year old girl.....

Anyway this time she was given instructions to choose a pair of ballet flats and a pair of boots.  For the first time ever she did fairly well and came up with the two pairs below.  Yay.

Look.  Ballet flats.

Silver Is Definitely A Neutral If You Are An Almost Six Year Old Girl

And boots.

Going Out Boots (As Opposed To Farm Boots!)

Farmboy has surprisingly good taste and nabbed himself a pair of basketbally type boots and some Vans.  Way to go.

We also headed to the nursery.  The old WA reliable Waldecks still had its $6 plant sale on.  This was fantastic as I needed twenty five mini agapanthus.  So with the help of The Farmchildren I loaded up the back of the car.

Lots Of Dwarf Agapanthus With A Few Normal Ones Too!

My Mum was cross I had bought dwarf aggies as she has stacks at her beach house.  Unfortunately said beach house is 500 km away so not really a viable option for my garden....

I got onto the planting when we got home from Perth.  They are dwarf blue agapanthus and will underplant the pink David Austen roses around the front verandah.  Agapanthus is Farmgirl's current favourite word.  So funny as she walks around saying it all the time.

Mid Planting.

Last but not least - I promised seeding photos.  I did try. Really I did.  So dusty here though that I gave up.

See - I promise there is an air seeding bar in there somewhere.

Seeding In The Dust

I might get back to you on the tractor photos when it rains...

ANZAC Day tomorrow.  We will take The Farmchildren in to the local Dawn Service.  I always find the ANZAC service in our country town to be very special.

Take care.


Zara said...

Stylish choice of shoes. I'd like them in adult sizes.
Great price for the agapanthus plants. they will look lovely in bloom under the roses.

Heidi said...

Like the shoes, very tasteful! Farmgirl did well. Aggies will look fab with the roses, you've made a lot of headway with the garden.
I hate to say it, but I value my sleep (which is always in very short supply) too much to go to the dawn service... although Anzac Day is about commemorating sacrifice, which I'm clearly not terribly good at. Maybe once the kids are a little older and I'm not being so regularly woken in the night...?

A Farmer's Wife said...

Zara - I am hopeful that the aggies should do well. I am pleased with the shoes - we have definitely had a lot worse.

Heidi - We only started going to the Dawn Service in the last couple of years. I think it is easier in the country too - no traffic, easy parking etc. Feel quite relieved the shoes are purchased!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Sorry I am a city girl - what are you seeding? is it wheat or corn or ..?

I remember Anzac day very well in Melbourne. As I get older it seems I get more sentimental. Happy Anzac day!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Great shoe choices!

I hope ANZAC Day is a special one for you all. Not so much 'happy' but I hope it's a day filled with reflection.

SSG xxx

Makeminemidcentury said...

I agree regarding kids' shoes. I generally stick to staples ... converse and crocs. Just wait if you're forced into the world of 'orthodics'. They've increased the price of one child's shoes by an extra $400. Happy times!

Agapanthus are a good investment. They'll pay for your kids' shoes by providing a pleasant vista.

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

I haven't been to the dawn service in years. The logistics in Canberra are difficult and the crowds huge but one of these years I will get there again because it is wonderful. Love Farmgirl's boots, I wonder if they come in giant size.

Unknown said...

Great shoes, I never thought about dwarf Aggies, hope yours do well, will give them a go myself. xxx