April 17, 2013

Thoughts Early On A Wednesday Morning.

I had a funny start to yesterday.  Like many people I woke up to the news of the bombing of the Boston  Marathon.  This news threw me into a flat, panicky spin as one of my oldest and closest friends was running the marathon.  She is a friend that I have known since I was twelve. We went to high school and university together. She was my bridesmaid and is Farmboy's godmother. And for a brief period of time yesterday I didn't know if she was OK.

Fortunately I got a text message through to her and she got back to me - she was safe.  She had passed through that area a bit earlier and had run the fastest she had ever run. Thank God.  Cue much relief here.

But it made me think - somewhere out there someone would be trying to get hold of someone they love - and they wouldn't be able to.

My friend's text message ended by saying it had been a "terrible day".  And it was.

My thoughts are going out to everyone who was involved and touched by events in Boston.

View From My Verandah

(We are officially seeding.  I am going to try and get some photos so it should be back to heavy machinery shots soon.)

Take care.


Heidi said...

Oh goodness. How terribly scary. You must have had that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach until you heard from her. We were also trying to think if any friends were running in the Boston marathon (they weren't, we know a few going to the New York marathon later in the year).
Just such a horrible and sad thing to have happened. I always read the newspaper when I eat breakfast and the stories and images were really horrific this morning. Hopefully it was just a lone nutcase, and not another wave of terrorism. Hope your day improves. xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Heidi - it was very scary. So relieved that she was fine. Truly horrible - this sort of thing is unfathomable really.

Fiona said...

As my eight year old said, "Why Mum would someone do that"? Why indeed.

Romy said...

Phew, I can feel your relief yet as you say others are no doubt trying to come to grips with the horror. Awful. Rx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Why indeed is right Fiona.

Thanks Romy.

Jeane M. said...

Frightening indeed, glad to know shes safe. :) Got my eye on your next posts.